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    Monks, Tell me When and Power Strikes

    Hey guys!

    Im currently using TMW on my Brewmaster monk, its currently tracking things like Expel harm and Guard, and ive been trying to set it up to track the cooldown of Power strikes, but i cant quite figure it out. The other abilitys kinda grey out, and have a "clock like"countdown, giving an estimate of the remaining cooldown.

    With power strikes, the best i can get it to do currently, is completely remove the icon when its on cooldown, and show it when its off. Its not very helpful, as the idea was to be able to time the optimal time to use jab to get the most out of the extra chi (im aware it will give me a chi sphere if i go over, but im aiming more for timing certain abilties with the extra chi)

    Any help at all would be extremely appreciated!

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    Honestly there is really no need to use TMW for Power strikes because if Power strike's procs while you have 4 Chi (or you go over 4 Chi) it will summon a chi sphere right beside you and can be easily picked up by strafing left and right quickly to pick them and your healing sphere's up!!

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