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    mage or paladin ??


    atm my main is a windwalker monk /with mistweaver specc and im raiding with him constantly.

    my next char / "main" twink is going to be a mage or a pala ( holy main specc). i both played them as main in previous tiers in wotlk and cata but nw i cant decide which one i should take.

    Can someone give me feedback if these classes are funt to play atm or which i should choose in your opinion or something like this -.^

    Hope for helpful answers

    MFg, kirby

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    Holy Paladin is fun, Retribution is fun, Protection just got a nerf, but is fun.

    Although not the best, I am currently leveling my Paladin because I like it a lot.

    Mage is jac. [just another caster]

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    I love my protection paladin, but don't really like retribution that much. Holy is cool, but I prefer the healing of the druid and monk.
    I am trying Mage now, but am only 50 and can't seem to dish out the dps people say it does. Maybe I just need to get those few powers that make a difference, but so far the only thing I like is the mirror image

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    "What should I play?" threads are not allowed here. Only you can decide what is fun for you to play

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