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    A question about pet selling

    Hi there. There's something I don't quite understand about how this system works. Let's say I have some pretty rare BoP pets which could be sold on the AH. What would happened to them in my collection after I sell them? Take corehound pup as an example. I got it for my authenticator, it's my 'reward' for it, I can, apparently, cage it and sell it on the AH. Will I still have it on me? Does it mean I can cage and sell those as much as I want, providing me with an endless gold source?

    I'm sure I'm missing something important about all this stuff.
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    If you cage a pet, it is no longer in your collection. If you then sell the caged pet, you don't have it anymore.

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    Also, Corehound Pub (and all other Blizzard Store pets) cannot be caged (and sold)...

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