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    [H] Cerebral Kazzak 6/16Hc 16/16N DPS / Healer 25M

    Cerebral have been a successful 25 Man raiding guild over the past 6 Years. We originally started on Quel Thalas as where the population was shocking so we decided to move server. we have Finally settled on Kazzak and its a great popular server with Many good guilds.

    6/6 MV 5/6 Hc
    6/6 HoF 1/6 Hc
    4/4 Terrace

    Classes Needed:

    1 Shadow Priest
    1 Disc/Holy priest
    1 Resto Shammy
    1 Ele Shammy
    1 Mage
    2 Locks
    1 Chicken

    Other Exceptional geared and skilled players considered to help us continue our success and progress.

    We Also have a Social rank for Friends of Members So if you do Join us we welcome your friends to join as a social. If they wish to join us as a raider in the Future there also welcome to Apply. All Friends and alts are also welcome to join our Alt raids on a Saturday.

    - Must be level 90
    - Have ilvl gear (480+) and Relavent raid experience
    - Maxed Proffesions / Enchants
    - Be able to raid at least 3-4 nights a week from 8-12 Server Sun Mon Wed Thursday with Fri Sat and Tuesday as off/Alt nights.
    - Have a good understanding of English
    - Have very good knowledge of your class
    - Willing to listen and follow instructions
    - Be able to move from fire and Clouds

    You can apply at

    Battletag id Ady#2689
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