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    A full guide to RBG leading (and playing)

    Hi there community of mmo-champion

    This thread might seem familiar to some of you, I already posted a very similar guide here 8 months ago.
    However with cataclysm being replaced by MoP, some important things have changed, so, due to popular request, I have decided it's time for an update.
    I have updated the strats for the old BG's abit aswell, so please dont skip over those sections, even if you already read them before.

    This is going to be a full guide on how to be succesfull in rated battlegrounds.

    First off: Credentials, I have been 2650 in season 9, which gave me HotH
    In S10 I quit the game.
    In the start of S11 I got 2350 RBG by running my own pugs, after which I started to lead guild RBG's, with which we capped on 2500, easily in range for hoth were it not for all the people getting boosted to hoth ruining our chances to get it.
    Now in MoP after struggling for a while around 2250-2300, I am now 2350.
    I can tell you now that getting high in RBG since MoP is released is alot harder then it used to be, back in cata I regularly met random 2300-2400 pugs, but now there are at most 10 RBG teams in europe capable of consistantly legitimately breaking 2400.
    All of this was achieved mostly with people who have limited arena experience and only 1 or 2 gladiator's, so yes, you can get high in RBG legitimately without being an arena superstar, though it does help to be one.

    Before I start, a warning, leading RBG isn't easy, you need to have the ability to network, be patient and above all have the ability to make harsh calls, you can't go and bring people because you feel sorry for them and sometimes you will have to be a dick.
    Also, as a leader of bad pugs, you can easily get a bad reputation on a server because you just wasted somebody's rating, so be careful with whom you play.

    This thread will be devided into 5 sections.
    The first one will be why you would want to do RBG, the second one will be how to get a good group together and the third one will be how to lead your RBG's succesfully, the 4th one are recommended addons and the 5th are some general tips.

    1. Reasons to do RBG
    1. It is fun, this is the biggest and most important part of doing RBG's, you have to think its fun, there are very few things in wow close to the rush you get from pulling a last-minute victory against an equally skilled team and knowing you contributed to that win (or even better, are the cause of that win).
    2. It is a great opportunity to play with friends, I have met over 100 really nice people trough RBG, with which I still hang out and play from time to time
    3. You get a SICK conquest cap from it, which is much higher then arena rating (on 2.2k your RBG cap is 3511). However, since the changes in MoP you will need to play (and win) alot of games per week to actually earn the RBG part of that cap. A good place to find out how high your cap from RBG is (gonna be) is
    4. You get a nice mount if thats what your into Vicious War Wolf - Item - World of Warcraft for Horde & Vicious War Steed - Item - World of Warcraft for Alliance.
    5. You can obtain very nice and prestigious titles, such as Hero of the Horde (or Alliance) and High Warlord/Grand Marshal.
    Hero of the Horde is obtained by being within the top 0.5% of your Battleground in RBG at the end of each season, this is the RBG equivalent of gladiator. Last season, the cutoff in my RBG. Every 100 rating, starting from 1100 RBG, will get you a title. The highest title you can get is High Warlord/Grand Marshal, which is the equivalent of obtaining 2400 rating.

    If that isn't enough for you to start leading your own RBG groups I personally don't know what is.

    2. Getting a group together

    Before I start a note on individual skill.
    While being individually skilled in RBG and knowing how to play your class is terribly important, being able to listen is even more important.
    Alot of good or semi-good arena people often forget that RBG is about acomplishing certain gimmicks, not a form of team deathmatch.
    So you need to make sure you get people who do what you tell them to, even if they are not sure why you are asking them to do it.

    2.1 The Setup

    The current most popular RBG setup is the following.
    You will need a spine of atleast these players, try to make friends with players of the following classes so you can easily call on them
    Protection Warrior/Feral Druid (Guardian) (Flag Carrier)
    Holy Paladin (Healer)
    Resto Druid/Mistweaver Monk (Healer)
    Resto Shaman (Healer)
    Frost Deathknight (DPS) you can have an unholy deathknight aswell but frost dk's are generally considered better, this deathknight needs to spec into AOE grip, but i'll talk about that later.
    Frost Mage (DPS) (you can have your mage go fire for BoG and mines if he knows how to play it)
    Destruction Warlock (DPS) (warlocks can go demo for eots and mines if they know how to play it)

    This is the core of any good RBG group, for the 3 remaining spots, you can pick a mix of the following classes/specs.

    Frost Deathknight (Max 1)
    Shadow Priest (Max 1)
    Destruction Warlock (Max 1)
    Balance Druid (Max 1)
    BM Hunter (Max 1)
    Sub Rogue (Max 1)

    My personal favorite setup would be to take a shadow priest, a balance druid and another destruction warlock.
    However, getting skilled people is the most important, if you can get 2 really good mages even though I recommend only taking one, you should absolutely do so, since all classes more or less work in RBG.

    Before people start jumping on my back saying ''I got 2.9 with xx setup where we did yy completely different, I understand, good players can get high no matter what setup, I am just saying that this setup is the most commonly used, and in my opinion, the best

    2.2 Target Caller

    You will also need, next to a leader (which is yourself) a target caller.
    If you are a DPS, you can do this perfectly yourself, however if you are, like me, a healer, you will need to make sure you also have somebody who can call kill targets.
    While you can do it yourself as dps, it can often get very stressful for you to do it while leading and damaging yourself, so my recommendation would be to find someone else to do it.
    You need to make sure that your target caller is a vocal person and isn't afraid to speak on skype.
    If you don't have a target caller, everything will go wrong and people will be dpsing all over the place, so avoid this at all costs.
    Another user on this website made a very decent post about target calling, for this I claim no credit but I will copy some of what he wrote here.
    While it is always good to have backup target callers (dps who might be able to see things the ''official'' target caller does not) you need to be 100% positive that people know who the real target caller is, if someone else calls a target people should ONLY switch when the main target caller confirms the target, not anytime else.

    Recommended Target Callers
    1. Death Knight - Death Grip, makes them the best target caller along with other abilities such as improved chains and silences.
    2. Rogue - While not as good as a DK a good rogue can def land a kill if he calls targets in unison with a well timed smoke bomb.
    3. Destro Lock - While not as good as the above, warlocks can call good targets since they will be in most team fights and most of their damage is burst, however the disadvantage of taking a warlock when there are melee in your group is that an inexperienced warlock will sometimes call targets outside of the range of your melee.

    What not to do..
    - Do not tunnel a target
    - Do not go on the enemy flag carrier if he has no stacks & the whole raid there peeling for him
    - Don't be shy

    What to do!
    - Switch Often, just because you called the rsham 10 seconds ago do not be scared to call for a hard switch.
    - Speak up, you have to be louder then everyone else. Your voice has to be commanding.
    - Enable, "Target Count" in your Battlegroundtargets add-on. This will allow you to see how many targets are assisting your target.
    - Call for CC, on healers when you are going to burst
    - Give countdowns, for example. Say: 5 seconds till AOE grip (via gorefiends grasp). The most important thing here is that you need to check for your teammates cooldowns, if you can line up an AOE grip with an ursols vortex, ring of frost and Solar beam, you can wipe the enemy team in seconds, getting this properly coordinated is fairly hard though, and will cause you alot of stress in trying to set up, even on high level, but it is definately worth it.
    - Grip overextended targets even further away, and call the kill for them.

    2.3 Recruiting the right people

    I use 4 general ways to find people for my RBG groups

    1. Guild

    I am personally in an RBG guild with 250+ people including alts, of those 300 people there are about 40 that I would want to join my group.
    If you take guildies, be careful and only take the ones you actually know (or have good references from), your guild policies might not be as strict as your groups policies.

    2. Trade

    Make a macro and spam your heart out.
    A macro should have the following components
    1. Your doing RBG
    2. Which classes you need
    3. What communication system you will use
    4. What the requirements are
    5. What the expected MMR will be

    A macro for my groups usually looks like this
    /2 LFM <Insert needed class/needed other class> for RBG, requires 2400 arena or 2400 RBG or 2200 Current RBG, be around ~2200 MMR, using skype
    This should be enough to tell people what you need and deter people who don't fit your requirements.

    A good rule of the thumb is that if your looking to start a group with a certain approximate MMR, you should ask experience in arena or RBG 200 above that or require somebody's current RBG rating to be at that level.
    You can also use armory to gouge a low-current rated persons MMR, mostly by judging his W-L ratio, the higher that is, the higher his MMR will most likely be.
    For the rest your pretty much at the mercy of your experience with people and of the rating they tell you they have.

    Another hidden requirement to join should be gear, every player that you don't know should be armory checked to see if he has proper gear (just look for people that have similar to your own gear) and has gemmed/enchanted it, this shows he is atleast dedicated and knows what hes doing.

    3. Skype conversations

    I always use skype as my communication tool during RBG, so I have a huge record of skype calls with alot of people in it which I know are decent (I have played with them before)
    So if I am trying to make a new group, I always copy-paste my trade macro into the different skype convos to see if I can recruit people there, this is how I get most of my participants.

    4. X-realm recruiting

    As of patch 4.3.2, it is now possible to queue with people from your Real-ID list from different servers in RBG.
    This function is really easily abusable by just going on an x-realm forum, recruiting people there and then adding them to your Real-ID list and playing with them.
    The best way to recruit x-realm people is to log an other account onto a server where you know there are alot of pvp players (stormscale-eu horde for instance) and spam your recruitment message there aswell.
    Another way of recruiting people is arenajunkies, they got pretty decent lists of high-profile players interested in RBG, be warned though, these can be very low in rating/mmr considering most only care for arena.
    Another way to recruit people is #RBG.EU channel on, there are usually hundreds of people active there, just spam your recruitment message there and wait for people to contact you.
    You really need to be carefull with x-realm people, always check to see if they indeed are/have what they say they have, you got way less means of social control over them and they tend to leave or act rude far more often then the non-x-realm people simply because they will most likely never see you again.
    If you like playing with a certain x-realmer just keep him on real-id with a note tagged to him of his class/spec/exp so you can call on him again should you make another group in the future.

    2.4 Preparing to queue

    Alright, you have your full group of people ready to go and are good to queue, there are a few things you need to do first.
    1. Assign roles
    2. Give tanks/Healers a mark
    3. Make sure everyone is on skype with you
    4. Do one more final check of people your not sure off
    5. Perform a ready check to see if all here
    6. Queue

    3. Strategy

    The biggest thing about strategy is making sure you know where the opposing team is and where your team are.
    You need players who can listen and understand what you are saying and know how to follow orders.
    Having a vocal team is great, they can help you in making strats and observing little things that you didn't notice, however at the end of the day, your making the executive calls, so you need to be able to tell people to shut it and listen if they are trying to lead themselves.
    For the individual battlegrounds I am going to assume you already know the basics mechanics on what to do and i'm not going to explain how the work, im only going to explain what you need to do as a team to win in RBG

    3.1 Warsong Gulch

    This battleground is the bread and butter of each team and has been around the longest in the wow history.
    It is a simple capture the flag battleground and lasts 20 or untill someone has captured 3 flags.
    Most competitive games will last the full 20 minutes, unless someone manages to capture 2 flags, in which case its GG 90% of the time.
    In the start of the game you want 9 out of 10 people to leave the gates trough your graveyard.
    The 10th will go trough the tunnel and pickup the speed buff, so that the enemy FC can't get it if he manages to push trough you (which will happen 90% of the time), this should also be the person picking up berserking, usually a warlock or balance druid.

    You should have 9 people fairly close to eachother and your FC on the right side of the map, so he can slip trough as soon as the fighting starts.
    DONOT have your FC try and get the flag before the midfield fight has started because otherwise they might turn around and try to kill him, if they succeed they have a huge advantage and even if they fail they force you into a bad position (fighting close to their base, near their GY).
    If they have a mage, rogue, hunter or sometimes even balance druid, chances are they will try to slow down your FC to prevent him from getting to the flag, anticipate this by having a player (preferably a dps who can heal and peel well, like a spriest or a balance druid) be mounted up untill all of the aforementioned classes are either in combat or trying to engage the tank, if they try to engage the tank it's his job to cc them/slow them down so the tank can run past safely.
    Thanks in this case should never dismount unless absolutely nescesary.
    Ofcourse if you are using a feral druid as FC, you shouldn't have to worry about it, since he should just be stealthing past them.
    Personally I dont try to go for the enemy FC because im not using a hunter or rogue and am fairly confident in my groups ability to wipe the enemy team midfield.
    However if you have a feral druid and they have a warrior, it might be worth sending 1-2 people back to try and catch the EFC and get a quick cap.

    90% of the time the fight will start when a DK gets a decent grip going and people connect on that target, if you donot have a DK, make sure you engage them first because if they grip you you are in a bad shape

    While struggling in the mid try and wipe them one by one, follow your targetcallers orders and hope your team is good enough to wipe them.
    Try killing them and pushing them back to their graveyard.
    If you get close to their graveyard quickly, stop advancing and just keep them boxed in, make sure nobody escapes, that way, when their FC enters midfield, you can easily swap onto him and kill him.

    By now, both FC's should have the flag and should be running back, if you are wiping them your FC should take the tunnel, if they are wiping you you should all disengage and meet up with your FC at the ramp to get him across the map safely.

    If you see their FC come out of your tunnel and you are on their side call for a disengage of 2-3 people (preferably high-burst classes, like mages spriests and destro locks), everybody else should stay fighting and slowing down the enemy team while those people go for the EFC.
    This will usually force 1-2 major cooldowns (last stand/shieldwall) out of their tank or even kill him allowing you to get an easy cap.

    If this doesn't happen, have your FC stay behind the group, and have an Hpaladin keep an eye on him, if they want to swap onto your FC they should either use a grip (which can be countered by life-grip) or charge trough your full group, which leaves them and their healers exposed allowing for a quick wipe.

    Once you start pushing them towards their graveyard, send your FC together with 1 hpaladin back to your base and start pushing for their FC.
    Keep an eye on their spawntimers and try to kill some of them while the rest just spawned for an easy second wipe.
    A good way to do this is have a stopwatch set to 45 seconds and push it every time they ress (if one of you addon people read this please help me and make this for me)
    With 3 stacks up a Deathgrip-Stun-Smokebomb (if with rogue) should force major cooldowns/get you a kill.
    If the EFC isn't standing at their GY but rather in their base, you need to wipe them one last time (should be easy since they will most likely have a healer with their FC) and then have 2-3 people go for the EFC, against heavy burst classes like lock/spriest/mage are ideal for this (though mages not so much after the recent frostbomb nerf).

    If you don't have the group to wipe them and they are pushing you back, the only way to win is to fight on your graveyard, with your FC behind you or even on top of your graveyard (warriors can intervene up and (s)priests can grip healers up.
    Keep in mind that they can be gripped down by DK's and that warriors/rogues can shadowstep/charge up the graveyard aswell.
    If you can't even wipe them while standing on your own graveyard, your in trouble, bigtime.
    The only way you can win now is hoping that you cán beat them 5v5.
    What you do is split your group up and go to roof, group 1 will be defending, group 2 will be attacking.
    Group 1 should consist of the FC, 2 healers and 2 dps who can slow/knockback/control enemy attackers well, like mages, balance druids, warlocks or dk's.
    Group 2 should consist of 1 healer and the other 4 dps, and should be going for the EFC (if you let them into your base, their EFC will go back to their base which leaves him vulnerable).
    From there on its your job to win the 2 fights, the best way of doing this is having the warrior stand on your roof and have the balance or resto druid regularly knock them down into your flag room, which causes them to have to waste time running back up again, which gives your offense team time to kill the EFC.
    Alternatively, if you have a really good feral druid, you can try the kiting strategy, if you do this well you can keep running endless laps around your base and not get caught, remember to only do this with a good feral druid since he will LoS/range your healers aswell and if he gets caught while the healers arn't there he will die very quickly. Remember that after 4 stacks travelform doesn't give any speed boost anymore, so the only way you can kite is by being in bear. Make sure that if your attack team thinks they can kill the EFC soon, that your FC gets ready to jump off the roof/run into the flag room to prepare to cap.
    Rinse and repeat this strategy for profit

    If you are ahead 1 flag/capped last and its almost time, you can consider camping your roof, this is a pretty risky strategy but it can pay off very well.
    Donot consider camping unless there is less then 10 minutes left when the flags are first picked up.
    The way to camping is having your melee stand below the ramp, ranged stand up the ramp and FC stand near the edge of the roof, that way, if they want to reach your FC, they will have to go trough your entire team before reaching him.

    Also make sure to utilize knockbacks on roof to the fullest extend, knocking 3 dps off while their rogue is bombing is priceless

    3.2 Twin Peaks

    My guide for twin peaks is essentially the same as Warsong Gulch, but I will give a few more pointers which are unique to TP but that is it.
    In the start always try to get across the water asap or else donot fight near the water, not being able to run away because of the bridge LOS or because water slows you down sucks major balls, so just avoid the water alltogether.
    If you can't get them to come into the water and basically have a stalemate, go over the water near the alliance graveyard and fight near the big rock there, alternatively you can make a demonic portal and port people over.
    If you are getting pushed back, try moving towards your middle graveyard while having your tank stand inbetween you and the graveyard so you get quick resses.
    If you really cannot hold it anymore consider going back into your base and up the ramp, especially with knock-back classes and good path blocking it is pretty easy to defend a tank there while your spriest/mage/lock try to kill the EFC.
    If you have an elemental shaman and your alliance, try to knock the enemy flag carrier off the map while hes crossing the water near the alliance berserker buff hut, this is really a great strategy, as it gives you a huge chance to get a cap (considering the flag stays in limbo for quite some time before returning itself, which gives you alot of time to get on the flag spot).
    Catching flag carriers in the water is a great strategy as horde, you can easily have your casters rip into him from up the ramp and he isn't going anywhere because damage removes his water walking. Water+Slow=not going anywhere.
    If they all gather up in their base to turtle, just push trough them with freedom totem and rape the EFC asap.

    For the strategy again its the same as WSG only instead of defending on roof you have to defend on ramp.

    3.3 Arathi Basin

    Arathi Basin is the hardest map to lead on, which is positive, considering you can win against teams much better then you by just outleading them.
    What you need to do is keep your cool at all times and keep control of your group, people have the tendency to think that they know better on this BG and try and ninjacap bases/go on their own for some reason.
    For this game you need to split up your group in 4 subgroups
    G1=Arms warrior/feral druid (if they have this offspec decently geared, if not just stay prot/guardian) & Hpala, the arms warrior will cap farm and move to BS to try and stall the enemy there
    G2=Rogue, hunter or mage (if you have 2)=If you dont have a rogue or hunter or only 1 mage and they do have a rogue/hunter/2 mages, its not worth going for GM since you will lose it anyway, rather have that one extra dps up on LM.
    G3=Rsham+Dpriest+4 DPS=LM, once (if) you get LM, they will slow fall down to BS and try to get that aswell
    G4=Mage going to LM aswell to fight there and then defend.

    In the start all groups will go to their assigned base, the BS group is just stalling the opposing group for as long as possible.
    If your G3+4 succeed in doing this, have the mage stay LM, give everybody slowfall and have them jump down to BS to cap that aswell.
    As soon as your dps land on BS, your warrior will go to the Farm/stables and defend that for the rest of the game.(arms should obv go sword+board)
    G3+4 should then be able to cap BS, since all their DPS are still ressing at farm/stables, or even their starting place if the LM group was quick.
    If they manage to get to BS before you can safely cap it, just wipe them again
    If your G2 also manages to cap mine, you should now have 4 bases. Most groups however will send 1 dps to mine to help guy cap, this is okay, just have your defenderstall them as long as possible and then die. Like that they will have 1 less player on the BS which makes the fight easier there.
    Once you have those 4 (most likely 3 unless its a really bad team) you should spread out your players, 1 healer on each base (if you have LM preferably you on LM, since you have a nice overview there) and all your DPS on blacksmith.
    Nowadays it's almost impossible to win a full teamfight on a base that is controlled by another player, so most of their attacks wil be having most of their group go to 1 base and then having 2 sneak attack on another base.
    Therefore, if they are attacking 1 base you should only send your 2 other healers there if all enemys have been located (except those defending their bases ofcourse)
    The above was all assuming that the enemy doesn't wipe you and that you can get 3/4 bases in the start.

    The hard part starts when you arn't able, for instance you get wiped on LM.
    What you do then depends on how fast you get wiped, if you lasted long enough to ress on stables/farm it should be fine, you can easily get to BS before the enemy team caps it by slowfalling down from the LM.
    Send your mage to help your GM attacker at GM if he hasn't capped that yet so you atleast get that base. Then have the frostmage stay there.
    If you failed badly on LM and get a ress in your starting base, you may consider going LM instead, if they are all in the air slowfalling they are really slowed down from getting to LM, and if they only left 1 person there you can easily rape him and ninja the base.
    This does however give you the LM-GM-Farm/ST base combination, which is really hard to defend.
    If you fail on this aswell and the opponents take BS, you first and foremost need to keep your calm.
    What you then do is move your entire group to the point inbetween the 3 bases they have (so for instance if they have LM-Farm-BS, move to the bridge between ST and farm.
    There you should try and wipe anyone in your way, which should be easy since they usually have a couple of floaters. Once those are dead you need to see where they have least people defending, BS or LM/GM. Have your mage leave the GM/LM and have him go with another dps that can cc to open on the stables or the farm (whichever applicable) and then send your entire team to the base where they have the least players. Have your DK stand between the BS and that base to slow them down. Make sure you kill 1-2 of them before they are there in full force, once they are all there have 1 person disengage and send your mage from GM/LM to the Farm/Stables (whichever isn't yours) leaving LM undefended and then have him go with that 1 dps to cc cap that base
    This should get you back to 3 bases and then just employ the defending strategy I mapped out earlier, even though the bases you are defending arn't fully optimal.
    The key to winning this map is the opener and communication, people need to be constantly on the lookout for enemy movement patterns to see where they are going asap, keep an eye on the enemy team rogue and their other stealthers, every person assigned to solo defend a base should be able to keep that base alone for atleast 30 seconds if they use full cooldowns.
    If you are doing a mass fight you should always be on the lookout for people who are trying to ninjacap, this is mainly the job of the person assigned to defend that base, so if he sees someone trying to ninja while hes cc'd, he should ofcourse call it out. The person best suited to keeping an eye on the flag is the DK and the destro lock(s), since howling blast/rain of fire allows them to instantly stop any capping attempt.
    This BG is where the good people distinguish themselves from the average ones, keeping a base against 2 people helbend on either ripping you apart in a global or ninjaing that base from you is really an art.
    If you have incommings here, make sure you say it, even if it is only one and you think you can handle it, as soon as its needed people should be coming over to wipe them.

    Thats about it for AB, the key to winning this place is great internal communication combined with excelent strat knowledge and solo performance.
    Good luck, this is the hardest BG to lead that there is.

    3.4 Eye of the Storm

    This is the worst BG you can get, it is a BG that is essentially decided in the first ~4 minutes of the game and from then on you have the choice to either play fun or turtle for the win. Having people who can knock back (especially combined with aoe grips) is really good here

    Send a mage to one base and the prot warrior/feral druid to the other one (it doesn't really matter which one goes where), the prot will probably stay on his base for the entire game picking his nose (fun gameplay, I know) while the mage should try to find out what class is on the tower opposite to him and occasionally try and ninjacap it (have him ask you for permission first though). You need to avoid having a protection warrior on the MT/BET because it is really easy for a mage to ninjacap from him there

    In the start of the game have 8/10 of your team charge the middle.
    Make sure your mage gives everyone slowfall.
    If you fail to do this this can have potentially horrible consequences, because half your team is at half health when you reach the middle.
    Once all are in the middle, start pushing them back knockbacks/pressure.
    If they are pushed back far enough your ele shams/druids should knock them off to create even more pressure.
    Try and wipe them asap as this fight is the most important one in the game.
    Your DK should keep an eye on the flag with howling blast to avoid them from ninjacapping it, but if you already do good damage this should never happen
    Once you start wiping them push them back and tell your healers to cap the flag.
    The best person who can do this is a resto shaman or a resto druid because they can ghostwolf/travelform with the flag for less downtime.
    Have him run to the prot war/ (or to the mage if you have a feral defending) and drop flag and then go back to the middle again, instruct your FC to only cap flags when you say it.

    Just keep wiping them if they try and push one of your towers or your FC.
    Your flag carrier is basically unkillable due to not getting debuffs for carrying the flag.
    If you play it really gay you can just have 2 people on 1 base and the other 8 on the base they are currently attacking when you get the flag and wait with capping till 50 points left for an easy win
    If you have a semi-decent team, you should never ever ever lose a base because of the graveyard being so close to each base (except maybe MT).
    Then when the score hits 1550 (this will take a long time) have your FC cap the flag, good game, you just won in the most lamest way ever.

    If the opponent has better pressure then you you are basically ****ed on this map, youcan't really win unless they play badly.
    Your best bet is to have 7/10 push into one base which isn't opposite to the one your mage is on and have your mageleave his base and go to the other base together with another dps who can use crowd control wel (a spriest, balance druid or warlock) then control the 1 defender and hope you can ninja it by ccing the defender before reinforcements arrive.
    A really good trick you can use if you have a DK if you want to force them to cap is to Deathgrip the FC to the flagspot, this is quite hard however since most FC's won't get in LOS of the flagspot if they notice your trying to do this. If you do this make sure there is someone in the middle to pickup the flags.
    If they have a hunter defending a base that pushes your warrior/feral, your in trouble, since a hunter can easily solocap against a warrior, if this happens you have 3 options, either switch your warrior/feral and mage around, so the mage is facing the hunter, this might be risky because they can cap your base if they time it right.
    The second option is to continuously send a dps back to defend with your warrior when the hunter is comming, which kinda rapes you in the middle.
    The third option is having a dps push through the enemy (balance druids with travel form/displacer or spriests with disperse work really well for this) and go to the base the hunter just left empty and try to cap it, most of the times you will fail but it should scare them enough to not try such shit again.
    If they have a rogue he might try capping against your warrior aswell, since blind is now 1.5 minutes, so what he will do it go to the base, force your warrior's/feral trinket with his blind and back off only to come back and ninja it again when his blind is back up and your warrior's/feral trinket isn't, you need to make sure your war/feral sets a timer for this and asks for a backup during that 30 seconds when his trinket isn't back up and he is vulnerable to the rogues cc.

    3.5 Battle of Gilneas

    Battle of Gilneas is after TP/WSG my favorite battleground, before blizzard changed the spawnpoints it was really impossible to win after you were 1 base down because people could just spawn-rush you pretty hard making it impossible to take a base off the opponents. Luckily once they changed this it very possible to win this even after overcomming a wipe in the first fight

    In this battleground it is the best to have your war/feral defend GM/LH and the rest of your group will go WW.
    If you are horde, send 2 people with waterwalking around the back of WW incase they manage to slow your maingroup down and are trying to (smokebomb)-cap WW, these people should preferably be a dk-healer or atleast have waterwalking.
    When you reach WW you need to start wiping them asap, this first fight is really important.
    Make sure you wipe them before they wipe you, again your DK should be keeping an eye on the flag to avoid them ninjacapping it.
    This fight can last for quite long, but even if you notice your getting wiped, keep going, you can still recover if you all die.

    Once you control WW, send your hpal to the mines/LH with the prot war and have your mage/rdruid stay at WW.
    The rest of your dps+resto shaman should be on the little ramp right next to the waterworks (in between mines and waterworks).
    So if they choose to instead of going for a base go for the inbetween group, they can very easily go trough the backway to either mines or WW.
    If they choose to engage the group standing there it is really important that you donot get caught, as this will certainly lead to your death.
    Also never try to pick fights away from bases.
    If they go for the WW and kill someone, he will spawn at the mines, if he has 10 second left and is considered a capable base defender (see the list I posted previously) your prot warrior can then move WW to prevent them from capping the base and thus to buy you some time, you do need to coordinate this properly though.

    If they win the first fight over waterworks, you need to make sure that you donot panic, have everybody wait for their ress and buff up, you still have plenty of time.
    Then move towards the big mountain in between LH and Mines.
    See where their in-between group is and engage that one.
    Most likely you will kill 1-2 of them and they will all push back into WW, this is excactly where you want them.
    Have your DK(s) stand in between the WW and the LH to slow down any attempts from the enemy team to go LH and have your entire group push LH.
    There should only be 2 people there which are easily wipable so you can cap that base.
    If it does turn out to be a really long fight at LH you can still wipe them, considering you already killed 1-2 of them earlier.
    If this strategy fails just rinse & repeat till you get it right, it does take some discipline from your group to not chase them to WW here.

    Always make sure your defenders are communicating with you wether or not their bases are under attack this is again of key importance.
    For defending against a rogue/hunter attacking LH/Mines, the same strategy(s) apply as on eots.

    3.6 Silvershard Mines

    This BG is fairly hard to lead and takes alot of coordination and people knowing what they are doing but since it's new its often easy to win since most teams don't know what to do properly on this one.
    First of have your feral/warrior go arms/kitty if he has the proper gear for it.
    First of abit on linguistics: it's important that people know what you mean when you call for a certain cart, so say beforehand to your team that:
    Most left cart=top or water
    Middle cart=middle
    Right card=right or lava
    Respawn place of carts=spawn
    This might seem abit obvious but I can't tell how many times I have seen people go to the middle and fight there while the leader was calling the middle cart.
    In the start you start of by sending 1 person to the middle (horde) or top (alliance) and having all other 9 people go for lava cart, since the locations of the carts can vary randomly in RBG, you need to estimate if you can still cap a cart before it auto caps, this is a proces of trial and error and will take some time before you get a feeling for it.
    The goal of this BG is to always make sure you cap 2 carts while the enemy caps 1, preferably the top cart.
    The way you do this is by continuously fighting them 9v9 on a specific cart, wiping power really doesn't matter here, controlling of the carts is what matters.
    Always leave 1 person who can survive behind on a cart, this will tipically be your warrior/feral (even if he is arms/kitty).
    What you need to do is always make sure you are inside the carts range (rsham freedom totem & hpala freedoms are really good here) while making sure that your enemys arn't, classes with knockbacks/aoe cc (shamans, (r/b)druids, mages, warlocks and arms warriors are really good here).
    Try to get them splitted up on ress, dont kill their last few people untill the first people are (about to) ress.
    The most important thing here is capping the carts, not controlling them, 1 cap gives 150 points, which is more then all the points combined you get from controlling a cart.
    The shortest route from spawn-cap is the lava cart, so if possible make sure you get that one every time.
    There are levers to make the cart go a different route, but they are fairly useless, I suggest never really using them.
    You can try ninjacapping the enemy's cart only do this if the cart your trying to catch is like 3/4th along the way of being capped, this way you dont waste to much time if you fail and if you succeed its to late for the enemy to reinforce, but this is risky since it requires you to send 2 people away which you will not have later, also the 1 defender might be a very good player and be able to defend it by himself until it caps. So in general unless your really certain you can get it or are really desperate for that 1 cap, its probably not worth it.

    Overall this is quite a hard BG to lead and it is very dependent on what the enemy does where you want to send your forces, just be careful and make sure people dont make silly mistakes and you should be fine.

    3.7 Temple of Kotmogu

    Again have your warrior/feral go dps for this bg
    This BG is the most stressful cluster**** you will ever encounter, and is mostly about individual skill rather then group leadership.
    Again in the start you need to make sure you agree on linguistics, you can either go for top/bottom right/left (seen from the world map) or with the orb colors, depending on what you prefer.
    From here on all hell breaks loose.
    Make sure the first 2 orbs are picked up by ''proper'' carriers this includes:
    Feral druids (not warriors)
    Basically anything except for healers and melee.
    Try to always have your FC's together with the main group standing in the back and have 2-3 others go for the enemy's carriers.
    Also have your ranged stand on ramps and ready to pickup orbs that will die
    If your killing someone controlling an orb, call out what color is about to get avaible or where that color can be found, so people can go there to pick it up.
    Similarly, if your dying call out where the orb you will drop will be respawning.
    Now the point count is fairly interesting, the amount of points you get depends on where you are standing, you get 5 points/5 seconds when you are in the circle, 4 points every 5 seconds if you are in the ring around the circle and 3 points if you enter the grass. (there is some modifier if you controll all 4 orbs while standing in the middle, but thats not really relevant)
    Also you get 10 points every time you kill an enemy orb holder.
    What you want to do when you have the orbs is NEVER go into the middle, except when almost the entire enemy team is wiped, to score some quick points, but after that get out asap again, since you are very vulnerable to ganks in the middle.
    If you have an orb you will just want to kite around the platforms while the rest of your team keeps them of you, just go round in circles while another part of the team goes for the enemy orb holders.
    Generally you don't want to kill healers since they will be oom most of the game spamming heals into orb holders (they have less healing taken) so dont bother swapping on healers unless they are a free kill, just focus on orb holders.
    Getting the kiting under control is the hardest thing about this battleground, if you can master that properly you have prettymuch won the game.
    Also don't be afraid to kite outside to the green if your about to get killed or most of your team is dead, it is a really good way to prevent the enemy team from getting all orbs and getting the +10 point bonus from killing you.

    4.0 Addons
    1. Battlegroundtargets, this is absolutely the best addon for RBG ever, it allows you to keep track of how many the enemy team got alive, how many stacks the FC's/Orb holders have where enemy's (trough clicking on them and looking at the mini map) and how much mana their healers have left, this baby has alot of settings so work with what you think works best.
    2. Deadly Boss Mods for seeing when the next stack in FC games will be comming
    3. Icycle (as Target caller) to see what anti-damage buffs your target has up
    4. Any raid cooldown timer addon which allows you to see what defensives the individual members of your group have up.
    If anyone wants to do something to help me, I really really really am in need of an addon which tracks enemy teams ress timer, preferably on all BG's but mostly for WSG/TP, if you know how to make this or can find one for me, please contact me and I will be very gratefull

    5.0 Tips

    1. Buy battlestandarts, in mass fight that extra HP boost can be great, especially if you can always keep one up (which is prettymuch the case if you have 10), make sure you place them strategically, in houses, behind your group or atleast as far out of reach of the enemy as possible.
    On the other side, always be on the lookout for badly placed battlestandarts, even healers can 1-shot these things.
    2. As of patch 5.1, blizzard disabled cooldowns in RBG that couldn't be used in arena, this includes Infernal, Bloodlust/Heroism/Time Warp, Lay on Hands, Ahnk
    3. Loot enemy corpses, this prevents people from walking to their corpses, on the other hand if the enemy fails to loot your corpse and you get a long ress timer and you havn't died alot yet this fight, feel free to run back to your corpse.
    4. Always keep an eye on their rogues, if they are disengaging on a node battleground they will most likely try and ninja something, if they are disengaging on a capture the flag BG have a healer move close to your tank for when he opens with smokebomb
    5. Look enemy players up on the armory before the game starts, if they have sub-par pvp gear they are most likely carried alts who make for easy targets.
    6. In the case that your fighting against a boosting team (easily seen from the 2400+ CR of half of the team compared to the 2200- rating of the other half, don't stress, its okay if they wipe you to the floor, they should be playing on 2400 rating, not 2100. If you think it helps report the people to blizzard, but I don't believe blizzard does anything to counter RBG boosters.
    7. Always stick together unless your called to do otherwise, ramboing really doesn't help.
    8. Call out your cc's and the targets your using them on
    9. If you have abit better group, you could try setting focus targets for ranged to use their interupts on so you know all healers are getting interupted atleast once.
    10. If inviting a certain player to your group doesn't feel good, don't do it
    11. If you run alot of good pugs, you may become famous and people will constantly spam you asking if your making a group again, always be polite when responding to them because you might need me later.
    12. If you are about to die, ask for the ress timer, if it is almost up make sure to die quickly (run into them, click off buffs) so that you make the ress timer
    13. Right now there is a pretty big (3-4 second) delay between releasing your corpse and being eligible to be ressed at a graveyard, so plan accordingly
    14. The best way to wipe the enemy team is deathgrip into RoF/Solar Beam/Ursols Vortex/Shadow Fury/Capacitator Totem, coordinating this is extremely hard and will take alot of effort but is 100% worth it.
    15. Shouting at people is often reasonable, if they dont do as you told them or are playing really badly, this will often shake them up and make them focus better. However try to keep it at a minimum, you only want to yell at people if they are making very obvious mistakes or arn't listening, dont rage because the game is going bad in general, nobody wants to play with a rage machine because it's simply not fun. Also if you rage alot people will think it's your normal way of communicating, making it less excepional when you do and people are bound to be less impressed by it, so keep it at a minimum.
    16. You are the only person that shouts at people, it's your job and entitlement as a leader, if other people in your group start doing it the atmosphere will turn ugly very soon, so make sure people dont start flaming on eachother, most of the time people making mistakes are prepared to take it from you since your the leader, but not from some other random guy.
    17. Play well, leading by example and not making stupid mistakes is the best way of showing people how it is done, it will also increase their respect for you.
    18. Have your little map open somewhere in your screen at all times, to make sure you dont constantly have to toggle up the big map to see where people are etc.

    Well thats about it for this guide guys, I hope you enjoyed it and learned something usefull from it.
    Please donot copy-paste this without giving me credit.

    If you disagree with anything written here please say so and maybe you can help me refine my strategy's

    Any errors I might have made, please point them out aswell

    I would really appreciate it if a mod would sticky this here
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    Big thanks for posting. Gonna need this for 2.2k push.

    How many wins for a 2k mmr (but 2.2k+ exp) group to get to 2.2k, do you reckon?

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    This post is awesome! Me and my guild quit PvE for this expansion and are focusing on arena and will start with RBGs this or next week. And as PvP leader this will help me alot!
    Quote Originally Posted by atenime45 View Post
    The 10% reward. It's was unspoken rule that you DONT attack other faction so everyone could enjoy the 10% reward. But now no one cares about that anymore

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    Really interesting read and as an ex rbg leader agree with everything said. You can get a lot of shit from leading RBGs, so be prepared for it

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    Quote Originally Posted by nsnlol View Post
    Really interesting read and as an ex rbg leader agree with everything said. You can get a lot of shit from leading RBGs, so be prepared for it
    Indeed, I made a random PuG yesterday for low rated people (My first RBG pug ever, got alot of exp from PvE pugs though), and everytime I turned someone down I got something rude back, like - "omg its low rating, why do you care about setups u "elitist"" (hate that word) :P People are just so rude in this game.. And everytime we screwed up on tactics someone left and claimed us to be "fails". And leaving in the middle of a fight, jeezes how rude some can be x]

    Well, gonna form a steady pug with friends mainly, will be alot easier that way I guess

    Btw, sticky this! This guide is awesome
    Quote Originally Posted by atenime45 View Post
    The 10% reward. It's was unspoken rule that you DONT attack other faction so everyone could enjoy the 10% reward. But now no one cares about that anymore

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    what Nonslid said.
    You cant pug shit with noobs. Goes for raids and RBGs. And you know why ??
    Cos they expect that other people in the group will carry them !!!!!

    Like you got o some raid wipe 1 time on first boss 2 or 3 people will leave instantly.
    You go RBG and lose first one ppl will leave.
    They dont want to L2P... I blame LFR tbh even for pug RBG group fails.....
    PPL just want ez mode wins everywhere now.
    Geme smtn 2 kielllllll.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Malgru View Post
    Big thanks for posting. Gonna need this for 2.2k push.

    How many wins for a 2k mmr (but 2.2k+ exp) group to get to 2.2k, do you reckon?
    It takes some luck to get from 2k to 2.2k, partly because you'll be facing teams with T2 weapons -- which are especially scary on melee (i.e. warriors and frost dks). I'd say ~10 wins against 2k teams, ~5 wins against 2.2k teams.

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    Thanks much for the post.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Malgru View Post
    Big thanks for posting. Gonna need this for 2.2k push.

    How many wins for a 2k mmr (but 2.2k+ exp) group to get to 2.2k, do you reckon?
    I really dont know, being 2.2k in s11 is prettymuch equal to being 2k in MoP, and since you probably havn't played for a while the synergy isn't going to be there, so it might take some time

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    Loved this post, usually hate leading but this made me want to try a few things.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hypermode View Post
    I really dont know, being 2.2k in s11 is prettymuch equal to being 2k in MoP, and since you probably havn't played for a while the synergy isn't going to be there, so it might take some time
    Maybe 6-7 members have the group have played together (raiding) for years. I joined the group maybe a year ago and brought a couple friends in to fill in spots. And 2k in S11 was fairly easy, shouldn't be too hard, can it?

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    Good guide!

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    Great guide. I have one thing to add to your tip list: Let each ranged dps focus an healer. As soon as the target caller says to make a switch if three rdps's use that macro (obviously on different healers) you will have a switch with no healers to back up the target. It's quite helpful. =)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Suneca View Post
    Great guide. I have one thing to add to your tip list: Let each ranged dps focus an healer. As soon as the target caller says to make a switch if three rdps's use that macro (obviously on different healers) you will have a switch with no healers to back up the target. It's quite helpful. =)
    So let the ranged go on full out on each healer then? Or just CC them?
    Quote Originally Posted by atenime45 View Post
    The 10% reward. It's was unspoken rule that you DONT attack other faction so everyone could enjoy the 10% reward. But now no one cares about that anymore

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nonslid View Post
    So let the ranged go on full out on each healer then? Or just CC them?
    I think he means cc and interupts

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    I started leading my own rbg group a few weeks ago and I love your tips. I have a few questions though. I have 2100 experience from season 11, however I have a 3100 HotH mage and a 2400 experienced target caller DK. The DK specifically tends to take over strategies and I would like to know how to best approach taking the leading back without alienating the DK.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kildragon View Post
    I started leading my own rbg group a few weeks ago and I love your tips. I have a few questions though. I have 2100 experience from season 11, however I have a 3100 HotH mage and a 2400 experienced target caller DK. The DK specifically tends to take over strategies and I would like to know how to best approach taking the leading back without alienating the DK.
    most important is not to start arguing midgame, something that was intended as wellmeaning advice can easily turn into a shouting match in the heat of battle.
    Just talk to them afterwards and say you dont apreciate them doing it, though ofcourse if your calling the wrong stuff they are good in calling you out on it.
    Try figuring out why they do it and in what situations they do it.
    Also I trust most of my more vocal people to make decent calls, so if you would have made the call if you are overruling them, you are the final one making the descision, not them and that people should follow you, even if they call out other strats. Afterwards if they get wound up about it just tell them its nothing personal but that you think your strategy was better

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    For EotS, demo locks can also use Carrion Swarm to knock people off of middle. Had a lot of fun with this cause almost no one realizes this

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aevra View Post
    For EotS, demo locks can also use Carrion Swarm to knock people off of middle. Had a lot of fun with this cause almost no one realizes this
    ofcourse, all knockbacks work, but most non-retarded teams will always make sure they arn't getting knocked

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