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    (H) Redeemed on Shadow Council looking for a tank, interested in raiding and cookies!

    A bit about us: Formed in July of '09, we're a tight-knit crew of miscreant adults (average age is 30+) who work and play hard.

    We're currently 6/6 MV and 2/6 HoF. We previously cleared all content from Wrath, including most HMs and achievements for drakes. We've also cleared all Cata content, with the exception of Ragnaros... it's a long story.

    The gist:

    We're a 10-man, adult Horde guild on Shadow Council in need of a tank to fill a spot on our Avengers team(prefer a plate tank as we currently have a druid tank filling the other spot), I would also chat with any other classes who really enjoyed what they read about the guild:

    Team schedule is as follows:

    Team Avengers:
    Wednesday: 7-10 server (which is 6pm pacific and 9pm eastern start time)
    Thursday: 7-10 server

    Team Justice League:
    Tuesday: 7-10 server (which is 6pm pacific and 9pm eastern start time)
    Thursday: 7-10 server

    While we are not a server first guild, we still take our raid time seriously. We expect people to show up on time and prepared. This means flasks, food, and an understanding of the content we have planned for the evening.

    Our loot system is relaxed and I'm happy to elaborate to interested parties.

    The Fine Print:

    What we're looking for is a laid-back person, with a good sense of humour, patience, and a willingness to work towards being the best <insert class here> they can to help the guild/raid succeed.

    Our ideal candidate will:

    Be over the age of 21 (exceptions may be made for those in the 18 - 20 bracket, but we are not a kid-friendly guild... no minors - seriously), and will act like it. No drama mamas!
    Will not be a douchecanoe!
    Will be tolerant of other people's opinions and lifestyles (see: no douchecanoes).
    Will not be easily offended by foul language, dirty limericks, and/or abysmal puns.

    Unless you're a pure dps class we would prefer you have, and maintain, a viable offspec*.

    If you have any questions, I can be found online most nights around 8pm eastern, and please feel free to add me to real id, edgewood#1551

    Feel free to also /who Redeemed and anyone in guild can get my attention.

    Best of luck in your search

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    I will be online until midnight tonight, would love to have some potential tanks add me on real id to chat about our guild, if you need a change of raiding scenery, give me a shout!

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    paladins, warriors, dks oh my, still looking for solid raider!

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