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Would like to see some changes to Taste for Blood, but I would rather have Avatar back to the way it was before anything else is changed.

I've completely stopped playing my warrior, I refuse to play it on easy mode tbh.

It's really sad imo, I've had my warrior since vanilla, and used him as my main in vanilla wotlk and cata, but the whole 1 trick pony I win buttons just arent funny, as a Warrior it feels like cheesing stuff, and when the CD's are off monks and rogues seem way better.

It's quite simple, prevent CD stacking, this includes mages aswell, there's a reason why they made sure you couldnt PoM - Pyro at some point, I guess the devs who realised it moved on, and the current ones are completely ignorant to the issues it provides.

Only 1 active dmg CD at a time, and they might honestly also wanna look at 2nd wind in pvp, just kill it in bg's and arena's, and return it to the "heals when stunned/rooted"

Atm we have all the advantages of beeing warriors, and none of the drawbacks, which is what turn it into a mess, same thing with mages, youknow GLASS canons - atm the Glass part is removed and they're ruining the pvp experience as are warriors.

Warriors got an amazing uptime and they're now their own pocket healers, and mages have more cc than they can bind.

I honestly think that Shadowpriests needs to be toned down aswell, but warriors and mages make them look like an average class.

The part that annoyes me the most, is that both warriors and mages will get some weird adjustments, which will nerf them below average, customerwise, having a few underperforming classes and a majority of balanced classes, is alot better than a majority balanced and a few OP classes, Blizzard will need to get mages and warriors in line soon, it's really been too long and the pvp community seems extremely sick of it.