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    Leper Gnome Quintet.

    Killing the Leper Gnome Quintet "boss" in Brawler's Guild as a paladin seems impossible. Either you die to fast. Or you don't get the DPS to actually get them all down in time. How shall i do this? :S Nothing seems to work. Tried speccing tank. That just failed even harder. Tried to only single target, to only aoe. Tried aoe at start, Single target more at the end. But nothing works

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    I did it in Ret spec using Seal of Insight and just hammering them and using DS.
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    Pretty much HotR spam, then divine storm, be useful to take lights hammer also decent aoe damage and ok selfheals, glyph of exocism would really help here if you're not using it aswell, and using aoe blind to top yourself up if you're in danger etc, rets can generally just burst through it with holy avenger, filler > ds filler > ds spam they generally die fast.
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    Spec Light's Hammer, AoE them, use blinding light, divine protection, devotion aura, and Sacred Shield or Selfless Healer Flashes of Light to keep yourself up.

    Lay on Hands if you're about to die.

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    Sacred Shield, Guardian, Light's Hammer, Brawler's Might potion, Holy Avenger, Avenging Wrath, and go to town aoe'ing. Bubble to drop your debuff right before a gnome is about to die. Kill it, heal yourself with Supplication. To drop your debuff just run away, the gnomes are too slow to catch you.

    Should be an easy kill.

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    AoE rotation while switching targets to max your seal dot damage.

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    I did it with LFR gear for the most part and just used Seal of Insight, Sacred Shield and Hammer of the Righteous Spam in addition to Divine Storm(+glyph where using it restores 5% of your max health) and using guardian + wings for maximum I-don't-die mode.
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    Holy Avenger + DS spam, divine protection chained with hand of purity when i started to lose life, bubble off dot one time, finish remaining 2-3 low health gnomes.

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