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    Is it still possible to get this item? If so how much do you think could be soloed as a DK? I was reading that Blizzard is lifting the restrictions on models that share the same animation. I was also reading that they are considering allowing the xmog of legendary items. If or when this happens I would like to have this axe ready as I think it's one of the coolest 2H weapons in game.

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    1. Shadowmourne can still be obtained.

    2. From what I remember of the DK solo guide thread, only Valithria Dreamwalker can't be soloed on 25 man (normal/heroic). Keep in mind that Marrowgar requires the DK to be a Goblin or Worgen to avoid bone spikes.

    3. The possibility of transmogging legendary weapons is something that won't show up until 5.2 at the earliest.

    All the information you need to solo can be found in the previously mentioned thread or youtube.
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    Well you definitly cannot solo some of the steps of the quest chain to get it. The one on Blood Queen in particular requires 3-4 bitings to occur before you can get credit.

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    While much of ICC 25 may be soloable, the Shadowmourne infusion quests are not. The rest of the questline may be doable, but if you can't get past Dreamwalker you'll be loosing out on upto 3 Shadowfrost Shards per week when you reach that point (also bear in mind you'll want to do this part on heroic anyway for better drop chances of shards).

    You solo upto the infusions but after that you will need help.

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    OK, thanks looks like I'll solo up to infusions and then look for help from my server. I'm sure there are still some people that want to get achieves from ICC. Thanks for info on the guide I'll look that up.

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    Yeah, forgot to account for the Infusion quest chain. Everything else about Shadowmourne is soloable with the right gear.

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    I actually prefer the non-legendary Shadow's Edge to Shadowmourne so I am excited that this might becoem a thing, and that I have been lazy about the shards.

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