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    Empress: 10M Normal Questions

    Thanks to anyone in advance who replies and helps me out.

    First, I wanted to ask how your tanks pace themselves with cooldowns etc. for the add phase. Our Guardian Druid was wrecked pretty fast yesterday with a 493 ilvl. Would it be more beneficial for this fight to have him and our warrior reforge for mitigation (dodge/parry/etc.) over hit/expertise for this fight? Have you had more success having each of them tanking 1 reaver and 3 windblades or one tank with 2 reavers and the other with 6 windblades?

    Second, I'm not clear on how the third phase works regarding Visions of Demise. Should our raid remain spread our or stack up? Assuming we can stack, that means the two players that will be affected by Visions of Demise would need to move out of the raid and 8 yards away from the group within 4 seconds. Is this correct?

    Third, what priest spec would you suggst for this fight? Discipline to heal the tanks? Holy for the massive AOE damage in Phase 3? Our healing comp is Resto Shaman, Priest (Disc./Holy) and Mistweaver Monk.

    Thanks again in advance.

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    1) Only ever tried the tanks tanking 1 reaver and 3 windblades each. Took a bit for our tanks to find a proper CD Usage. But afterwards we ended up killing our Pally's adds first since after the our Blood Dk and our Unholy Dk rolled thier AotD's the DK had no problem staying alive. After killing two of the windblades on the Pally side his damage was much more manage able and we switched to the DK's adds. Marked on add not to touch so we wouldn't push the next phase and then waited for the stickie oozes to spawn. (Little trick: If you pick up the last ooze right as the boss comes out again, you can use the disruption fields to take it off you. be carefully however because it will drop it on the ground where you entered the field)

    2) Stack. Have the two players run out. As soon as they are feared have your priest Mass Dispel.

    3)Disc worked more then fine for our priest. Bubbling people before they headed into the disruption fields was great. And the tank healing durign the retreat was very clutch.

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    Thanks for the advice, Smeg! Really cleared up some ?'s for me.

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    I believe that the glyph of blinding light should work for your paladin on the small adds to mitigate some of the damage. If not, I'm 100% sure they can be stunned so have your tank stun one and kill another one with one of your dps.

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    Disc vs Holy
    I run as a Disc priest with the exact same healing comp as you. I find disc much more useful for this fight and the extra damage reduction CDs for tanks during P2 can really be a lifesaver. I also find spirit shell can easily negate one of the dissonance fields in P1. Typically for each set of two fields 1 is completely mitigated with spirit shell. the second is healed up with one of the other healers CDs. You can also shield people in dissonance fields when they are standing in them and cant be healed by other spells

    we stack behind the boss for P3 in our 10 man run, people with the debuff need to run out of the group before exploding and get dispelled when they get feared. Obviously the entire raid needs to move for the giant cone AoE attack. We find stacking allows up to make much better use of CDs like spirit link and barrier and well as things like spinning crane kick. Again another time for disc to shine here with barrier and spirit shell.
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