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    [Resto PVP] Some help please

    I'm playing 2vs2 arenas with a warrior and I'hace some problems trying to survive. Now I have 62% resilence aproximately but i think i can have some extra healing trought maestry. Right now, I have reforged all the spirit i can into haste and maestry so i have 11.5% haste and 11% maestry more or less. have i to much haste? Or is there any haste breakpoint usefull in pvp i should have?

    Any advice is welcome.

    thank you and sorry for my english

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    Without 5% haste buff you dont need basically any more haste than you get from your gear, unless you prefer playing with faster casts but less effective heals (due lower mastery if high haste).

    Reforge 6.5k~ spirit and rest to mastery, also armory link would help alot.

    When reaching this seasons BIS gear, you might want to go for 4229haste for extra lifebloom tick if your using blooming glyph.
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    I cant post my armory because i dont have enough post but you can look for Tranks in EU-Minahonda.

    Right now I can reach the 4229 breakpoint but with 6.3k spirit. But right now I hace 5k~ spirit and i dont have many mana issues, only on some fight when the dps atacks me all the time.

    Also we are having some problems with kill shot enemies, they are low my partner cant kill them because i cant hold the other dps or healer enough time and he usually ask me to stun them but even with that we are having problems because i cant stun them fast enough or because is not enough to kill them. Any extra advice to solve this?

    thank you for your help
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    On my Druid I do mostly 3vs3 so the fights normaly donsen't take that long.
    I'm running with ~4k spirit and only on heavy burning phases my mana drops. But we aren't any where near a high ranking yet, because we haven't start playing for ranking yet (still in gearing up progress) so there is the posibility I will need more spirit when we reach a higher ranking.

    Last night I was doing some 2vs2 with the Retadin form our 3vs3, and my mana was far from beeing an issue.
    On fights against DD/Heal I use HotW.
    When the kill target drops, and mate calls that the saves are gone, I try to cyclone the other on once (or twice, if he breaks the first with trinket), then pop HotW and help going for the kill.

    On DD/DD teams I uses NV simply because I need the extra heal and didn't have the time to do much damage. (Against Mage/Lock I was mostly in CC last night -_-)

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