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    Quote Originally Posted by Salandrin View Post
    Just a straight answer
    Just buy another Lego set, you'd like them more i guess.

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    Nope, pretty sure 60 is the price tag you will see at places that always charge you 60 dollars for games no matter how old. Normal price is 40 and under. I'd justify it for that much, but if you've played other bioshocks, wait for 20 dollars and under, because it's the same gameplay, just a new map and a few new guns.

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    Hmm, this game costs less than 10USD for steam key on (Polish auction service)...

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    If I could pay $60 to get an experience equal to it again, I'd do it in a heartbeat.
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    No. It's got fantastic art direction and animation, and a rather great performance in the female lead. But its also short, poor gameplay, and has a rather stupid ending.

    Not worth it for more then $30.
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    No $40 at most. But then again I personally don't think many games are worth that much

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    Q: Is Bioshock Infinite worth $60?

    A: No. It's worth $100.

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    it was good/ some very unexpected moments however i still preferred #1 and #2 i would probably pay £25 for infinite as a max >.<

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    Do you like more 'artistic' games which exist not only to dazzle and entertain, but to make one think, to be a work of art and something which is truly unique, thoughtful, and interesting?

    Well, then this game is worth a lot of money. If not, then don't bother.
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    BioShock Infinite is a game worth playing and owning. However, I'm not sure it's worth $60 (mostly because I'm a cheap person). In comparison to other video games, I'd say yes, it's worth it.

    Personally, I'd wait until the Steam Summer Sale, I would anticipate it being at least $39.99 or under.

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    I'd say no. I thought it was a great game but I don't think I got my $60 worth. I'm still bitter about the game (warning: potential spoilers) not having some of the stuff they had advertised. I also felt it was too short, with little replay value (for me).

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    You can't really ask 'is a game worth x $' because money means different things to different people.

    Most games coming out right now are going for $60 on release. Is it worth $60 compared to buying games in general? Imo, yes. Should any game really be $60 for 10-20 hours of gameplay no matter how good it is? That's the question you need to personally ask yourself. It's easily worth the price of a normal selling new release to me.

    Steam should be having a huge memorial day sale this weekend, probably best to wait until at least this weekends sales are over because they often put games that have been out for a few months on sale, especially flash sales

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    Compared to what I've spent $60 on before... I'd say yes x10.

    You can easily blow $60 at a bar or club when out with friends... and I've spent $60 on games that were utterly horrible. Bioshock Infinite changed my standards on what to expect from a story driven game. It was phenomenal and from what I've gathered from friends and others- it provided nerdgasms all around. One of my good friends isn't necessarily into single player games, but he texted me after completing it with "dude what the fuuuuck..."

    Not too many games leave you on the edge like that.

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    Personally, I'm happy to wait a couple more months for the price to drop. I'm in no rush to experience it, and a little tired of spending $60-90 (Aus) on new titles.

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    PLEASE do not spoil I beg of you, but just give very vague hints to my questions. I am curious of two interesting things while playing the game so far.
    - It seems you can shoot innocent people in the face without any consequence, or restriction which kind of made me laugh hard at first, but I'm implying if you do this enough you will get a bad ending like in the other Bioshock games?
    - Is it just for gameplay reasons that you can't shoot this particular couple that follow you around in the faces?
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    There's only one ending and nothing you do can change it.

    Which really disappointed me. Yeah BS1 only had the 2 endings but that made a second play through a bit more interesting. BS2 had something like 6 endings. I played BS1 through about 30 times (trying different "builds") and BS2 about 15 times. I've played BSI through 3 times and until there's some new DLC I doubt I'll play through it again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Salandrin View Post
    - Is it just for gameplay reasons that you can't shoot this particular couple that follow you around in the faces?
    Kind of hard to answer without giving anything away, but no, it's not just for gameplay reasons.

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    the ending was a total mind fuck

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    Quote Originally Posted by But I Hate You All View Post
    the ending was a total mind fuck
    Just wait till you do the dlc :P

    Anyone played burial at sea 1/2? So happy it came to complete circle..also the areas were beautifully created.

    Also to not give too much away...would you kindly <3

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    Seems noone is playing Burial at Sea part two?

    I am, and it's been a blast story wise. They improved on a lot of areas compared to part one, like more plasmids/weapons.
    Only the sneaking part is somewhat.. not bad but it's not what I am looking for in a Bioshock game.
    I haven't finished it yet, but it seems you are going on a trip of memory lane, both Rupture as Colombia.
    Even had a 'What the' moment when I saw Daisy again.

    So I highly encourage people to play it!

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