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    [WW] Set Bonus - Is It Worth It?

    I'm just curious what other people think, are the 2 and 4 piece set bonuses worth it right now with Ascension and haste the way it is. I feel like it's pretty rare that I am ready to use FoF before it's off CD as is, except when I'm trying to control trash. And EB already borders on energy capping me.

    My assumption is that they are a DPS increase, but that it just means reforging even more haste into crit. Thoughts?

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    Shamelessly stealing from Crevan in this post on EJ:

    2p_shoulders_head*	118943
    2p_chest_head		118698
    1p_head			118633
    1p_shoulders		118619
    2p_head_legs		118559
    1p_legs			118528
    2p_chest_shoulders	118493
    4p+_off_legs		118492
    2p_gloves_head		118478
    2p_gloves_shoulders	118393
    1p_gloves		118370
    2p_shoulders_legs	118360
    1p_chest		118291
    2p_gloves_chest		118244
    5p			118210
    no tier			118114
    2p_gloves_legs		118107
    4p+_off_shoulders	117961
    4p+off_gloves		117947
    2p_chest_legs		117922
    4p+off_head		117846
    4p+off_chest		117634
    So, take from that what you will. Keep in mind, Crevan ran this on a Patchwerk-style fight, which is where we would be more likely to see energy issues (due to not changing targets, and therefore not having any idle phases). It looks to me that 4P is very low on the list, but 2P did the best overall.

    I think if you're ever encountering energy problems, 4P may be helpful for you. I personally don't find it as helpful (keeping in mind I am 494, with just barely 4K haste and 30% crit) with the change to Ascension, as there are times that it causes me to put off using my Fists of Fury. But I've found 2P to be helpful - less hurt if I make a mistake on FoF's usage, and the lower CD.

    Also, you should run some numbers to see if maybe you can adjust how you use FoF. It's not always a DPS loss if you energy cap during it - I found that (provided I received all ticks) casting it at <89 energy was not a true DPS loss for me (keeping in mind the math is relatively new, so I may have run my numbers wrong and it may still have been a loss - it's hard to tell).

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    10 characters.

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    On my Monk i've recently got 4pc and am using it for the set bonus. Reforging all of/most of your haste to crit really does give you more damage output. Its worth it if you can get it.

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    I wouldn't really bother with more than 2 set.
    Don't really ever find myself out of energy without a brew off cd.
    The real problem is once you get it being able to use fists as much as possible with every boss in this tier seeming to have ADD and either leaving melee every 15 seconds or dropping shit under you for you to move out of. Can't wait til they cave and let us use fists while moving. If it doesn't happen i'm rerolling arms warrior because i miss it

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    Depends on your playstyle, availability of gear etc. But personally, I'm not going for it, there are other items that have better stats imo than the set pieces and the bonuses doesn't make up for it.

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    It's irrelevant. Completely ignore the set bonuses for gearing, they're less effective than switching 500 mastery for 500 Crit. This isn't to say that you should actively try to get them off your gear, just ignore that they're tier pieces and look at the stats on the item.

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    DPS'ing in my Brewmaster set almost yields the same damage as my WW geared monk in my guild. Not sure if it is bad play, but I would say by the time you achieve 4 piece bonus you be sorta energy capped, giving literally close to no option to use FoF if you're gunning for haste. And you will most definitely energy cap while Energizing Brewing.

    Currently using 4 BrM set + WW Shoulders. Itemization seems perfect enough.

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