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    Windows 8 tiles jump randomly when sorting

    Trying to sort my games in alphabetical order and they seem to jump wherever they please within the group, is there any third party app to sort them or any pattern to their jumps or am I just going to have to pray I luck out.

    Group with games is 6x6 so it's because they try sort in 2x6 but damn is it awkward.

    Any apps to move them or tips on how to manage this crap.

    I have a start bar installed and use it before I get any "hurrr windows8 is crap get 7 or download start bar" just want my start screen pretty as I use it for launching a larger amount of apps than with what's on desktop ect.

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    The design is like this;
    - Each column can hold 2 small tiles per row, or one large tile per row
    - When you move an item in the same column, it pushes the other tiles AFTER your desired position to the right
    - A tile in column at the right edge of a pair will be pushed into the next row
    - The tile at the bottom right of the column is pushed into the next column

    It looks a little like this;
    A B | C D | E F
    G H | I J | K L
    M N | O P | Q R
    S T | U V | W X
    Y Z | # # | # #
    # ~ | # ~ | # ~
    The items marks ~ would move to the next column and take up slot #1 in that column (top left of a pair). | indicates how each column is laid out. In reality, it looks a little like this;
    A B | M N | Y Z
    C D | O P | # #
    E F | Q R | # #
    G H | S T | # #
    I J | U V | # #
    K ~ | W ~ | # ~
    That's the functional design of it.

    As such, organising them alphabetically isn't an easy task, and you'd be looking to make a puzzle out of it. Unfortunately, i'm unaware of a program that would enable you to organise them in such a way. Microsoft put VERY heavy restrictions on what you can do with the start screen from software (to the point that only certain software development tools allow you to create tiles while others require registry and policy tweaks to allow). If there's one out there, i'm sure someone can point it out.
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    Pfft thought as much thanks for answer now I can kind of see the nonsensical pattern MS are using for them and can attempt to do it.

    Yeah I guess I'll have to try think of it as a puzzle of some kind. One that may as well cheat by the look of it.

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