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    [PvP] Solid Liquid PvP Guild recruiting! (Eu-Outlands alliance)


    Solid Liquid is a newly formed PvP guild looking for new members to fill our troops!
    We are planning to play arena aswell as RBG as soon as we have a nice group.

    1700+ rbg experiance
    Tier 1 weapons
    Decent gear (this will be judged by me)
    Social and well mannered
    Microphone and a headset (Really important that u hear us and are taking part in our games and discussions)
    Battleground Targets (addon) is required.

    We are currently recruiting all classes/specs except for feral/retri

    Apply here: http://solidliquid.enjin.com/recruitment

    If you are interested then add me on my battletag Verax#1116 or on skype Scverax or simply whisper me on Vérax on outlands (alliance)!
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    We are still looking for more people to our guild!

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