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    Humble Indie Bundle 7 is up

    Humble Indie Bundle 7 is out


    The Binding of Isaac +DLC
    Indie Game: The Movie
    Shank 2

    and Pay more than the average to get

    Dungeon Defenders + DLC
    Legend of Grimrock.

    All come with steam keys

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    Hmm, might look into it but I don't think I'll get it this time. I eye Legend of Grimrock every sale, but the amount of micromanaging just looks like it would ruin the game for me. I know Binding of Isaac has a cult following of sorts, but to be honest it just looks so weird.
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    with all the money I spent on dungeon defenders + DLC it sure is worth it :P
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    So, I did a quick look up and my opinions so far:

    Dungeon Defenders - Looks interesting but only as a multiplayer. I don't game with friends, hell, even League of Legends I play as a single player game (Custom game, all bots + me)
    Legend of Grimrock - Looks interesting, but gameplay videos seem to show too much micro managing (having to control the actions of your entire party and the combat system is not turn based)
    Binding of Isaac - Weird. Just weird. Looks like it should be a free flash game if anything
    Closure - Nothing really stands out from the gameplay videos I've watched
    Shank 2 - No real interest in brawling games
    Snapshot - Actually looks like a pretty interesting concept

    Just my opinions though, Humble Bundle is a great thing so if anybody does have interest in these games, definitely go for it.
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    All great games, definitely worth to get it.
    Most importantly is that this bundle all games have separate keys, now I can give away the spare keys to friends

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    Definitely pay more than average on this one. Dungeon Defenders is a fun tower defense game, though likely not going to interest you for long if you don't play it with friends. Legend of Grimrock is an excellent classic dungeon crawler that I would highly, highly recommend (That, on the other hand, is just a singleplayer game though).

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    I'll never understand how people find the time for so many games.

    Anyway I think the charts they're showing are pretty interesting. Showing how much of the total is Linux/Mac/Windows and what the average payment from the users are for each OS. Doesn't surprise me that it's Linux > Mac > Windows. What -does- surprise me is how much of the sales is actually Linux; I didn't realize that many people were using it.
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    It's worth getting for Binding of Isaac alone. I seriously don't understand how people aren't aware of how great that game is.

    I'd also recommend paying enough to get Grimrock. It's basically Ultima Underworld 3.
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