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    ElvUI Raid Control Panel

    How do I hide the ElvUI Raid Control Panel?

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    wish i knew aswell

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    How do I hide the ElvUI Raid Control Panel?
    I can not figure this out either.

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    The LUA file for that portion is ...ElvUI\modules\misc\raidUtility.lua

    Lines 10-17 check to see if you are in a position that would warrant having the utility showing.

    --Check if We are Raid Leader or Raid Officer
    local function CheckRaidStatus()
    	local inInstance, instanceType = IsInInstance()
    	if ((IsInGroup() and not IsInRaid()) or UnitIsGroupLeader('player') or UnitIsGroupAssistant("player")) and not (inInstance and (instanceType == "pvp" or instanceType == "arena")) then
    		return true
    		return false
    If you change the 'true' on line 13 of the file to 'false' it should never display the utility. Anytime you update Elv you will need to go back and change it back again. No guarantees, but that's the section that makes the most sense to me.
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