Thread: Frost Weapon ?

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    Frost Weapon ?

    So I have a 489 Starshatter and a 483 Shin'ka, Execution of Dominion. I just got my legendary +500 strength gem. What is better for Frost DPS. The Starshatter cause it has more weapon damage or the LFR weapon with the legendary gem?

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    Stick with the Starshatter for now and save the gem for when you get the normal version of the axe.

    Starshatter rules out as better for a few reasons -

    - Better overall stats (inc weapon damage)
    - Better itemization (Axe has Mastery on it, SS Crit/Exp)
    - Its a yellow space banana, it wins by default.

    Even with the gem on it you lose more valuable stats in lue of a more avoidable one.

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    Red space banana > normal shin'ka for 2h.

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