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    504 MH Sha weap with gem/ 483 OH ambershaper weapon VS 2H 504 Sha weapon with gem?

    I have a 504 1H sha touched weapon with 500 STR gem in it, my off hand is 483 ambershaper weapon.

    I just got a 496 2H sha touched weapon with my bonus roll. Just wondering if anyone has ran numbers and knew if the 2H was better (given the fact that the off hand is only 483 ilvl)

    My assumption is that with the 483 off hand the 2H weapon will pull ahead slightly. But I'm not entirely sure so figured I'd ask on here.

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    good question -.- would have thought the same (2h) but then DW does do slightly more damage at the same ilvl single target and a fair amount more when there's more than one target...

    would have to sim but my gut feeling would be 2h would pull ahead slightly

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    why not sim both? and see the how does the most dps?
    but i have a feeling there both will be close. and then its all about the playstyle you preffer

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    I'd stay DW. ST damage should be almost identical and DW just crushes 2H in aoe.

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    Depends on how soon can you upgrade/swap out that 483 OH. Like if you have a chance to get Elegon 1h hc axe then you are better off waiting for it. The axe in MH and the sha sword in OH is one of the best (3rd best or 2rd best depends) combo. Or if you can get the Amber-Shaper hc sword, even better then.

    But keep in mind that if you switch to the 2h axe you will most likely need to upgrade 2x to equal the ilevel of your current MH sword to outdps your current DW. So it will be a marginal upgrade but a lot of VP spent, hence why I would suggest to just wait a bit and see if you can get some 1h hc weapons.

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