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    weeeeeell... a bit girly, a bit rocky... but mostly funky

    I have a Hunter... she's not named Margaret thou

    and one of my characters name is Caroline so:

    Hell above the Water from the Curve - also fits my rogue, but im done posting vids...

    the lyrics quite dont fit for all of them... I went more for the melody, rhythm...

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    For my Warrior there is only one option:

    Im Garrus Vakarian and this is my favourite Spot on the Internet.

    Warrior|||Mage|||Paladin|||Shaman|||Rogue|||Druid|||Death Knight

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    My favorite song to hear when I play my Hunter is...

    Might well be considered his theme.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rhyseh View Post
    When I read Volbeat on the video, I pressed play saying that I weren't going to be sorry. And I was right. Crazy for a Warrior.
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    after having tanked on all classes that can tank, and having mained a tank during all of cata(feral druid Adaline-Darkspear)
    i switched my main to a brm.
    this is what i went through lol, fits my character perfectly.
    Still I cry, tears like pouring rain, Innocent is my lurid pain.

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    For my horde druid....... Feral Kitty... The master himself:

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    For my prot warrior, it would have to be the Raiders March (a.k.a. the Indiana Jones theme song). Nothing like that song to boost your spirits when you've been wiping for hours!

    Not sure if I can post links, but I'm sure you'd have no trouble finding it on youtube.

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