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    Ayra - Warrior/Feral/Boomkin PvP Videos

    Hey so i started posting daily wow videos again covering mainly gladiator level 3v3 from feral/boomkin/warrior pov and 2400 RBG videos. So thought it would be a good place to link it here/let people know they are around.

    Channel name : www.youtube.com/ayraswag

    Let me know if you ever need help with anything (I have played 2800 on warrior and 2600 on dk/feral and have been hero of the alliance/horde every season) as i enjoy helping people out/showing people how/how not to do things.

    Anyways my first video is some KFC with bad gear (465 ilvl) at 2350-2450 MMR

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    Yea... D:

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    Some WLD/S footage playing with a affliction lock. Seems pretty decent if you don't meet too many kittycleaves tbh.
    Comp pretty much excels and building a ton of pressure on multiple targets and then switching onto a healer with warbringer/shockwave/coil/cs

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    WMP/WMM Around 2250-300

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    Hey Ayra. Big follower on Skill-capped! I would LOVE to see you posting some Boomkin videos, as I just changed my resto spec back to my beloved laserchicken spec.
    I didn't know you played Boomkin tho, so very pleased to hear that

    Keep it comming on youtube aswell as skill-capped!

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