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    Need help removing "FBI" malware

    So basicly what the title say's, now it isent me that got this maleware but my brother i did a reboot and booted it in safe mode found the file un checked it in the start up programs and it was gone.. Now i havent done more then this but would like to be as safe as posible to know that its out of he's computer...

    Another question would be if its safe for me to use my computer that uses the same internet as he do?

    He uses a very expensive norton virus but still got the virus, i use avg my self and havent had a singel problem.

    All tips are welcome are geting osd like hell here ^^

    Ps its still in the start up programs only in active
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    Could try Malwarebytes. It's pretty good, but Idk if it'll do what you're asking(I'm no pc guru)

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    That's a fairly common piece of Malware... There are a couple different forms, but the steps to remove them all are pretty similiar... Try this one:


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