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    pain in abdominal area when running

    After jogging like 2-5 minutes, a pain starts to shoot in my stomach about 2 inches to the right of my belly button. It's a constant pain and gets sharper when i breath harder or step harder. Any idea what causes this?

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    Suggesting that I should just ask my doctor?

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    Are you just starting running? Or are you a regular runner and this is a new problem?

    Also, how physically fit are you?

    I had that problem when I was younger and fatter, I think maybe my diaphragm couldn't handle the extra breathing, but when I started being more active it went away on its own. Could that be your problem?

    If that doesn't help answering my first 2 questions might lead someone else to better be able to help you.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Xili View Post
    Suggesting that I should just ask my doctor?
    For most health related questions this is always the best bet. Take anything you read here with a grain of salt.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xili View Post
    Suggesting that I should just ask my doctor?
    You probably should anyway, but 9 times out of 10 what you're describing is due to improper diet and dehydration before running. It also happens more often if you aren't used to running; it tends to decrease over time. If I take a break from running, or drink too much diet soda before a run, I'll get a "side stitch" (what you describe) that can easily last the entire 30-60 minute run.

    It tends to get better over time, and even over the course of the run if you can bear it. The horrible to read second link there says to basically make sure you've had enough water before the run, not just filling up during the run or a few minutes beforehand, and don't stuff your face right before you run.

    Anytime if in doubt: ask doctor, but what you're describing is a typical side stitch.

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    Sounds like "Stitch" to me. Obviously I'm no medical expert, so as with all things check with someone who is.

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    Diaphragm. I suggest you start exercising at 3mph for 3 mins and then increase your speed by 1mph each min till your reach your target speed. If you are new to running your diaphragm needs to warm up or it cramps.

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    Yeah sounds like side stitch, the only way for it to stop is to just power through the pain, just keep running. I used to get them in high school and that is what my teammates and coach said to do. It will be some of the worst pain you will feel but once you get through it, you get a sense that you can run forever.

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    stretch and drink water before you run

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    I googled your symptoms..sorry to tell you, but you may have cancer

    But seriously prob just a stitch due to not stretching or eating properly, go see your doctor :P

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    Sounds like you're not stretching before you run. Do a light jog to warm the muscles up. Then strech 10-15mins. You should feel a lot better. Also it's possilbe you're having pain due to low core strength.

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