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    A little bit, yes. I got a bit bored of my Hunter after a couple weeks of dailys at 90, so I'm currently leveling a few of my other characters which is a lot more interesting than hunters.

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    I still have 11 alts to level, so there's plenty to do, and not enough time.

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    It was fun but I came to the realization that I really needed friends and/or a good guild that wants to do fun stuff to REALLY tackle the stuff that I would find interesting, namely heroic achievements and challenge modes, also normal raids.

    Alas, all my friends quit and I can't find myself a good, adventurous guild so I've stagnated with dailies and endless LFR, the latter of which just sucks the gaming soul right out of me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xami View Post
    I still have 11 alts to level, so there's plenty to do, and not enough time.
    Are you going to rep grind every single one of those I wonder :3

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    Yes, I am bored. I've just completed all my reputations so I don't need to do dailies anymore. And I knock out all the LFRs and Old World Raids I'm interested in on Tues/Wed, so the rest of the week I'm bored. I have some alts to level but I'm bored of the Pandaria quest zones since I've already leveled 3 toons to 90. I'm thinking I'm either going to start an all new alt on a new server (but that usually doesn't last), or I'm going to start doing PVP (but that usually pisses me off). So I'm bored.

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    I began playing WoW in Aug. of 2005 (Vanilla) and quit a week or two into Sunwell Plateau's release (BC). Since then, I have taken 1 month each year to test and re-test each expansion. This past Tuesday, I activated my 10-day MoP trial and after a week of playing I am already bored. I have a couple of thoughts on why I find Blizzard's newest expansion to be such a bore:

    * Low population realms
    - Majority of servers aren't riddled with people any more. Having players at every turn in the game makes it exciting and gives it the MMO feel it deserves. Being able to quest from 1-60 and see the same 5 alliance/horde makes it feel more of a single player game.

    * Resilience + PvP Power
    - PvP Power freaking sucks when combined with resilience. You mean to tell me not only can I not deal damage because you have extra defense in PvP, but you also hit me for a whole heck of a lot more because you have bonus damage against me? It has made PvP in my mind not fun. It used to be about having fun playing, only getting gear to give you an advantage. Now its a requirement to have PvP gear to pose any sort of threat. Sure the basic gear isn't terribly hard to get, but its still a grind and one more thing Blizzard practically forces players to do in order to participate.

    * Numbers - The numbers in this game are out of hand on every spectrum. HP pools are growingly-retarded, damage is insane to where pug raids can easily dish out a solid 1 Million DPS. Experience is ridiculous too - was no one else annoyed when you would turn in a quest, see a fantastic +237,000 experience, and yet your experience bar move a millimeter? I guess my point is, why is it necessary to have a quantitative number so large that the last 3 digits are literally meaningless. Are you going to get upset if you deal 31,985 damage opposed to 32,147? Sure there's a ~150 difference, but when players easily sit at 300k HP 150 damage means nothing.

    * Dailies + Rep Grinds - I simply don't do them anymore, and part of that is probably that I only intended to play MoP for a total of 2 months. However, the latter options are to grind out heroics, do LFR, play Pokemon, or level an alt. Heroics are only so fun until you realize that piece of gear you won't just simply will not drop. LFR is great, except it goes so quickly and there is little-to-no social interaction between players while raiding (besides the "omg kick the noob huntard"). Pokemon is meant to be played on a Gameboy. Leveling an alt is great and all, but that's a bigger time sink that leads to the same problem upon reaching level 90 - what the heck do I do now.

    * Grindiness - Heroics, LFR, reputation, PvP gear, pokemon, leveling, and - hell - achievements... the whole game has become one massive grind.

    I guess the majority of my reasons for why WoW has become boring has come down to populations on realms, social interaction, the need-to-grind, and numbers being out of hand. One final note, I feel as if feelings of accomplishment in this game have diminished, as for everyone can do almost anything in the game anymore (Why does everyone need to be able to kill every boss again?) - and no, achievements do not fix this.
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    Quote Originally Posted by proteen View Post
    I began playing WoW in Aug. of 2007 (Vanilla) and quit a week or two into Sunwell Plateau's release (BC).
    wat 10char

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    You should add another option: No, I'm not bored with WoW, but I really enjoy the 10-20 threads a day that the same people create asking me about it because for some reason, they really don't want people to enjoy the game.

    If this was a forum about taking a crap, there would be 10-20 threads every day asking if everyone else on the forum was constipated.

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    Yup, quite bored at it right now. Meh, I'll probably pick back up again in a few weeks or months.

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    I'm enjoying the heck out it, especially now that I have no dailies I need to do unless I just want to. Granted I don't get to play nearly as much anymore but yeah its still fun.

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    I am bored of ppl asking this or bothering to make threads about this.

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    I'm still enjoying it. The excitement of the MoP launch has worn off, but I like the raids so far a lot more than the Cataclysm raids. I haven't done LFR even once this expansion, and I think that has helped a lot to keep me from getting burned out.

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    Yeah I'd say I am. Once you do all the factions and what not there isn't all that much left to do outside of LFR and raiding (which are very well done) with the guild a few nights a week. But it's still a fun game and I'll probably always play it until it runs it's course.

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    Been a HC Raider since TBC, casual this expansion, feels kinda of boring

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    Quote Originally Posted by stomination View Post
    I am bored of ppl asking this or bothering to make threads about this.
    I'm bored of people posting in these threads that they claim to be bored with.

    See what I did? It's funny because I lol'd @ u

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    i wish they would put something in to make the levelling process quicker for alts. cause it's painfully slow.

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    Most of my guild of long term Heroic raiders have stopped playing altogether due to boredom. Main reasoning I got from it all was that heroic raiding just didn't feel rewarding any more, and without that they saw no reason to continue playing. LFR was a blow, as the raids were no longer special, and finding a new recruit was harder than ever. Interested to see what the numbers say next quarter.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Moradim View Post
    i wish they would put something in to make the levelling process quicker for alts. cause it's painfully slow.
    Leveled a monk in 3 days /played. That's faster than my first character in vanilla to 60. Actually doesn't take that long, but it feels like it due to the huge amount of content between 1 and 90.

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    I came back with a friend I knew that was playing. So I was playing on her server and guild. The moment her computer broke down, guild activity dropped like a ball. Probably only 2 people at best are on and it's usually me that's on most of the times. Everyone else is either playing another game or dealing with RL. So I'm pretty much stuck and bored in an very inactive guild.
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    Nope, still enjoying.

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    Currently bored because I was one of those people that had to do every daily possible every day. I am currently exalted with all MoP factions, all the way through the pet battle quest line, and ilvl 488. The only thing I have to look forward to is raid nights (only twice a week) and we are currently 6/6 1/6 and 0/4.

    Kind of an achievement junky (12500 ATM) but I would hate to admit I have to start grinding achievements so soon in an expansion. I am also mostly a PvE person, so BGs are an ok distraction for maybe 20 minutes....

    Any suggestions?

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