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    Quote Originally Posted by AlisonPrime View Post
    Dailies DO get a bad rep but there is something people need to realize, yes they ARE mandatory if you are in a serious progression focused guild or worse yet, a 10 man guild. 10 mans only get 2 pieces of loot per boss vs 6 in 25, so yes, your daily quests become mandatory if you want even a shot at gearing out as fast as a 25 man guild cause you absolutely NEED those greater charms but after awhile you no longer need them, Hell aside from Heroic bosses i'm only using my charms on Lei Shi and Sha of Fear (Tokens + Axe) and I still have 6 of them left.
    You don't need them. In fact there is every chance you could have killed every boss every week since the raids went live and never gotten a single item from your charm rolls.

    You know what the real problem is? Blizzard can never put any gear in the game as a "bonus". Because players have developed a mentality whereby if it is possible to get something, it's mandatory. Period. Doesn't matter how minor the advantage is or how time consuming it would be to farm, if it exists it's mandatory. This is not Blizzard's fault, it's a bad mindset.

    P.S. The best use for charms is obviously on Sha and Galleon! MOOOOUUUUUNNNTTTSSSS!!!!
    Quote Originally Posted by Tojara View Post
    Look Batman really isn't an accurate source by any means
    Quote Originally Posted by Hooked View Post
    It is a fact, not just something I made up.

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    I'm really enjoying this expansion. My only gripe would be dailies I'd prefer there to be dynamic event chains or something other than dailies. It's more the picking up and turning in of quests to be completely honest. I have no problem grinding for amber shards and guo lai cache keys, yet I can't be stuffed picking up dailies. I'm a massive altoholic and that keeps me mostly busy. Raiding on my monk atm and although progress is slow (because of a few people we've hit a wall), I am very much enjoying raiding again.

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    I'm bored because I don't enjoy doing dailys every day, I wan't to do something else. Making people do repeatative stuff over and over for weeks if not a month or two is NOT fun. I mean, c'mon I got bored after chain-questing 85-90 on my main, then I had to do stupid daily quests I did for 3 weeks then I gave up, then I just focused on getting silver on all CM's for my precious mount and didin't feel like going for gold, why would I want a stupid achievement and ugly transmog? I have most classes at 85 and I can't reach 86 on 1 char because questing is just pure crap, and I tried to level a monk(lvl 68). But I've been doing so many quests since 2005 its driving me crazy. I don't wanna do quests 24/7 anymore, I feel like i'm doing more quests then I had to do when leveling classic, its pain. All the new features they add, its not even helping the game, upgrading armor, etc. And pet battles, why did they have to focus so much on that? I was hoping for a small mini game to play, but seems like they had a full team working on it for months. And raiding, the way bosses works now-a-days etc its just not enjoyable fights, I can't look back to cata and say "Damn' this fight was so fun!" I can do that with WotLK, and I can say that to many bosses in WotLK actually, TBC and Classic too. But oh well, I guess we're not playing the good ol' World of Warcraft anymore, I guess the game is just moving towards newer players and not the ol' school ones. I think I can come up with 20 ways to fix world PvP, and create fun things to do in the world. But meh, not like blizzard listen. Only thing blizzard listens to is "PLX Hunters can kill players in pvp MUST NERF THEM ALOT NOW PLX" I mean warriors and warlocks were more OP then hunters, noone cried about them, and look at feral druids, they can own anything really. Or death knights since 2008, they never got "nerfed", just changed, but stayed OP till the day today as far as I know.

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    I'm kind of bored, but not due to the game, due to myself.

    I want to raid and such, but my social life at the moment is pretty active, and most guilds don't take raiders that just drop in when they like it. Also the same with RBG guilds and Arena teams

    So when I am online I'm really only doing random dailies/PvP and some pet battles.

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    kinda burned out on wow since my main used to be a ret paladin and now its no longer fun to play... they completely ruined that class for pvp

    leveled a warrior / priest / hunter / monk / deathknight / rogue and a druid but i cant choose what to focus on and play

    tried my hunter early season for some kfc and it was fun but soloing as a range class makes me snooze for some reason

    i just miss melee i guess after 5 years of being one... just cant decide what to play anymore ... and because of this i wont focus on dailys on toons that arnt my main ...

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    Im not having fun at this point due to a lot of my mates quitting and me not having time to raid anymore... So no
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    Enjoying it pretty much.

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    100% enjoying, lots of things to do everytime I log in, unlike a great portion of wrath and boreclysm. Enjoyng the raids a lot also.

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    Although Wrath is still my favorite, and I can't speak for TBC and Vanilla, Mists of Pandaria is great!

    I started working 4 months ago, and everytime when I get home I'm itching to play WoW, I haven't been itching this much since my friend got me to level with him back in WoW, luckily he was in my class and we talked about it non-stop, and school hours being less tedious than 8 to 4:30~5.

    So yes, I am quite enjoying myself, I found myself to be leveling a lot.
    So far I leveled my Priest, Rogue, Hunter and now my Paladin.
    I quit MoP for a bit shortly after I dinged 90 on my Warrior, but that's because I'm bored of Warrior after 3 years.

    Wrath Warrior will never come back.

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    I find myself not logging in so much anymore.... just due to the thought: tssss not playing today will not set me back, as the progress I CAN make is almost nothing compared to what I have to progress totally.

    i am a very casual player and don't have the time to log on every day. So whenever I get the chance to log on, I did. Now I don't feel the urge to log on when I have the chance... I make other choices.
    One of the reasons for it is the slow progression I make while I am online. My playtime is not set.. it can be 1 hour or more.... it depends really. So progressing through the timesinks (which is there is all things) is slow. Because of this I then don't log on..... It is strange really they made this in a way players log on every day and have some feeling of progression. For me personally it has the reverse effect and causes me to not log on. Well many many players with many many different playstyles and playneeds.

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    YES D:
    Got bored of a month of Rift.
    Resubbed to WoW.
    Played it for 35minutes, and I can't force myself to log back on.
    5.1 gave me nothing to do, I never did Wilds so I have no new dailies, and I cbf to do Wilds.
    Pokemon got boring after my first team of 25's were formed.
    491 ilvl, not great, but I honestly am sick of button-mashing to kill bosses as a tank, and I can't bear releveling.
    MMO's drain me now, it's a shame.
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    I'm not bored with WoW as I'm not doing endgame or Pandaria for that matter at the moment, still leveling a new character somewhere in WotLK. But I won't log in to WoW to play it unless I'm 100% sure I want to play WoW at the specific moment.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Moradim View Post
    i wish they would put something in to make the levelling process quicker for alts. cause it's painfully slow.
    Really? so basically you want instant 90s? lol, lvling being slow now, it's faster then it ever has been xD

    OT: Nope not bored, and been playing since vanilla beta, cata was a snore but haveing fun again

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    Still having fun, i take breaks but have never unsubbed.
    I'm gonna let 'em know that Dolemite is back on the scene! I'm gonna let 'em know that Dolemite is my name, and fuckin' up motherfuckers is my game!

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    The game is stale and boring, outside of my raiding team. Yesterday our main tank went on a 2 week vacation and since i have the most geared tank alt, i jumped on it to tank Will of the Emperor heroic. So much fucking win! Best try with our MT was 44% and with me it was 12%(!!!). Most fun i have had in ages.

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    No, I still really enjoy it. Having a blast in raids, just cleared 16/16 last week, and now moving forward to heroics (yeah I know I won't be able to clear it before 5.2).
    I was even playing pet battles yesterday for few hours, hell didn't expect it's so addictive, gotta level my favourite pets few more levels today.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nemro82 View Post
    No, I still really enjoy it. Having a blast in raids, just cleared 16/16 last week, and now moving forward to heroics (yeah I know I won't be able to clear it before 5.2).
    Do people really fall for the "4 months between raids" PR stunts? Next patch will come in 3-4 months. Plenty of time left for heroics.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cybran View Post
    Do people really fall for the "4 months between raids" PR stunts? Next patch will come in 3-4 months. Plenty of time left for heroics.
    I get it, you are on of the people who will count exact 4 months from launch and start calling Blizzard a liars, when they don't make this happen to a day.
    If I remember correctly, someone from Blizzard corrected Ghostcrawler day after interview, that it's not set in stone ,and thats jsut a rough plan - so no, I don't believe in raid content every 4 months, (I don't even need it, I'm not super harcore and clear 16/16 hc in first month), but I believe it will be close.

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    still progress slowly through heroic modes (4 kings right now, and we're far from kill them) so its still much to do for me. Other that raiding, i log to complete domation point daily and get story quest (and tbh, this is great way to push people to do dailies). But dailies took 30 min, and after that i log only for raids Maybe im just older and got better thing to do, but back in bc i got much much more to do every day

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    I've been bored ever since the panda plague entered Warcraft. Get that shit out of the game, let's move on to something that's retarded.

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