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    On a break right now and enjoying TSW. Expect that I will be back fully re-energised in a few months.

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    I need a 4th option: I thought MoP was awesome, but I've realised I need a break from MMO's in general. So MoP is good, but atm, not playing.

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    Yes I am, but I don't feel its the games fault, more so i've played this game for 7-8 years so its bound to be less interesting at times.

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    Quote Originally Posted by proteen View Post
    I began playing WoW in Aug. of 2007 (Vanilla) and quit a week or two into Sunwell Plateau's release (BC). Since then, I have taken 1 month each year to test and re-test each expansion. This past Tuesday, I activated my 10-day MoP trial and after a week of playing I am already bored. I have a couple of thoughts on why I find Blizzard's newest expansion to be such a bore:

    * Low population realms
    - Majority of servers aren't riddled with people any more. Having players at every turn in the game makes it exciting and gives it the MMO feel it deserves. Being able to quest from 1-60 and see the same 5 alliance/horde makes it feel more of a single player game.

    * Resilience + PvP Power
    - PvP Power freaking sucks when combined with resilience. You mean to tell me not only can I not deal damage because you have extra defense in PvP, but you also hit me for a whole heck of a lot more because you have bonus damage against me? It has made PvP in my mind not fun. It used to be about having fun playing, only getting gear to give you an advantage. Now its a requirement to have PvP gear to pose any sort of threat. Sure the basic gear isn't terribly hard to get, but its still a grind and one more thing Blizzard practically forces players to do in order to participate.

    * Numbers - The numbers in this game are out of hand on every spectrum. HP pools are growingly-retarded, damage is insane to where pug raids can easily dish out a solid 1 Million DPS. Experience is ridiculous too - was no one else annoyed when you would turn in a quest, see a fantastic +237,000 experience, and yet your experience bar move a millimeter? I guess my point is, why is it necessary to have a quantitative number so large that the last 3 digits are literally meaningless. Are you going to get upset if you deal 31,985 damage opposed to 32,147? Sure there's a ~150 difference, but when players easily sit at 300k HP 150 damage means nothing.

    * Dailies + Rep Grinds - I simply don't do them anymore, and part of that is probably that I only intended to play MoP for a total of 2 months. However, the latter options are to grind out heroics, do LFR, play Pokemon, or level an alt. Heroics are only so fun until you realize that piece of gear you won't just simply will not drop. LFR is great, except it goes so quickly and there is little-to-no social interaction between players while raiding (besides the "omg kick the noob huntard"). Pokemon is meant to be played on a Gameboy. Leveling an alt is great and all, but that's a bigger time sink that leads to the same problem upon reaching level 90 - what the heck do I do now.

    * Grindiness - Heroics, LFR, reputation, PvP gear, pokemon, leveling, and - hell - achievements... the whole game has become one massive grind.

    I guess the majority of my reasons for why WoW has become boring has come down to populations on realms, social interaction, the need-to-grind, and numbers being out of hand. One final note, I feel as if feelings of accomplishment in this game have diminished, as for everyone can do almost anything in the game anymore (Why does everyone need to be able to kill every boss again?) - and no, achievements do not fix this.
    You call this a grind? And you said you played Vanilla and TBC? (Even though - 2007 in vanilla was the very end of it..). This is so faceroll free epics compared to Vanilla and TBC. So stop lying about being an "veteran", as you clearly dont got a clue x]

    Population - CRZ kinda solved that, look what happend: WHINING! Omg, CRZ people steel my rares, my ores, my quest objectives etc etc

    Resi/PvpPower - Works great, this way a top notch PvEer in full HC gear cant come in and faceroll everyone. (Vanilla anyone? T2-t2.5-t3 dominated Grand Marshal/High Warlord Gear. TBC - Warglaives and raid gear dominated. WotLK - PvE trinkets/weapons etc dominated. Cata - same story. MoP - PvP items dominate ever aspect)

    Numbers - It's some sort of addon that fixes that problem, some people like it - some people dont.

    Dailies - Always been a pain in the butt, always been a grind fest. Do them if you want that extra Valor item and/or mount.

    Grindness - For real? The game is litle to no grind. Log in - do Sha/LFR, loot. Other day, log in - do arena get Conq Cap, achieve some rating if you want to. You can play this game 2-3 hours a day (Heck, even only 3 days a week) and keep up to most of the play base, depends on YOU basicly. Compared to Vanilla, where you HAD to grind AV 8-10 hours a day if you wanted to reach a high PvP rank. Or wipe on the same boss in MC for two months before all 40 people in your raid understood that fire hurts.
    And heck, even when you ranked in PvP you had to stand in Tyr's Hand and kill 1000 of mobs to get gold enough to buy the new gear + enchants. So stop complaining about MoP being a grindfest atleast.
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    Sadly, yes
    BUT thats only because my friend whom i play with made me switch servers and start a new character from scratch, and im a bit sick of leveling tbh :/ (And no i cant pay for transfer/change faction on one of my other characters because im unemployed) D:

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    Quote Originally Posted by nemro82 View Post
    I get it, you are on of the people who will count exact 4 months from launch and start calling Blizzard a liars, when they don't make this happen to a day.
    I will tweet Ghostcrawler and start threads about patch 5.2, if it isn't released by January 25th 2013. How dare they lie like that.

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    Yes, still have a sub running until march but barely log anymore.
    I think I'm done with WoW for good this time.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JhanZ View Post
    PvE constant dailycraft, etc. etc.

    So, are you or are you not?
    What constant dailycraft? And besides that there's scenarios, challenge modes, heroics, raids, farming and what not... If you're bored then it's mainly due to your own narrow interest really.

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    I'm gonna end up fainting of the boredom. Theres nothing fun to do.. Raids get cleared so fast and theres no reason to log on then -.-

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kudos View Post
    Yes. It's not for lack of content, but I just don't feel like doing much in game right now. In the past I have been a huge alt-a-holic and avid pvp-er, but I don't even feel like levelling an alt right now.
    I feel the exact same way. During Cata I had 11 85's and enjoyed leveling them all. Now that MoP is out I only have 2 90's and don't want to raise anymore of my 85's up as i found the MoP grind to be... painfully boring between 87 - 90 and the idea of starting new alts is just... M'eh...

    I voted for yes bored, I cancelled my sub about a month ago and to be honest... I'm actually starting to miss the game lol. But I havn't been gone long enough to really miss the game as I know if I login I'll just do what I did before I unsubbed and sit in Org hoping something interesting will happen as I lack the motivation to do anything so i'm going to keep my sub lapsed for a few more months...

    besides not playing a MMO is great. My poor old Xbox 360 is getting some much needed attention and i've started playing games I purchased many moons ago and never got around to playing thanks to WoW lol
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    I can always feel when I'm close to quitting, and I don't see myself playing this game in 2 weeks time. MoP was enjoyable enough that I was willing to gear up two characters and run them through LFR. Beyond that, the game has no legs...very boring. Yes, my tastes have changed, but that's partly in response to stale game play.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nonslid View Post
    How is GW2? Been wondering if I should buy it, as I mainly only play WoW when I got someone to play with/be on skype with.
    Mainly the PvP part of it though, I'm not much of a PvEer anymore
    This is a really hard one to explain for me. I love GW2, in fact I find most of it's systems and mechanics far superior to WoW, but at the same time it's not a game I can focus on as my main MMO. It's always a side thing for me.

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    Personally I am having fun though there are things I like and dislike but I don't see myself quitting soon. I always find something to do in the World of Warcraft regardless of the availability of new content or lack of progression.

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