Let me get to the point, i built a pc, works awesome, very happy.
However, when i tab out of WoW or Black ops 2 it sometimes (1 in 15 maybe) Blue screens does a "memory dump" and then restarts.

What i want, is maybe a cheap upgrade of components that will last if that's what needed to fix this issue.

I was speaking to my friend and he said it may be my processor needs replacing cause it cant cope with the stress, however when i linked him the one i have he said i shouldn't be having any issue...

Only other issue i have with my pc is sometimes the conection of my sata 2 cables is loose and i have to have a fiddle to fix, any quick fixes?

EDIT: forgot to mention, i wanna keep using Nvidia GPUs and AMD processors.

I shall link my computer specs, and a link to each component, in case this will help you, help me.

Case: no issue here, just in case you feel it may be over heating

Icute "turbine"


MOBO: Again, happy with this was cheap and cheerfull

Asus M5A 78L-M USB3


Processor: maybe the source of my problem? the cooler on it is the standard that came with my CPU

AMD-FT(tm) 4170 (asus core unlocker brings it to 4 cores, never used turbo key)


GPU: Really happy with this card, would like to avoid replacing unless its a must, however i do take some abuse from people running GTXs..will upgrade about may time i assume after i pay for my holls!

ASUS Nvidia GTS450


PSU: was cheap, kinda got made to buy it as my olf 350W wasnt gonna handle what i had, cant seem to find the manufactorer of it though



RAM: The MOBO/RAM/CPU and cooler all came as a package, so i dunno what im doin with RAM to be honest, i was thinking about getting another 2 4Gb sticks and bringing it up to 16gig ram, however, do i have to have the same brand? i know im meant to have same speed, and size. Was looking at getting 2 8 gig sticks if would be better then using 4 4 gigs.

Dolgix 4GB DDR3 1333 PC3-10600 DIMM


HHD/SSD: no issues here, happy with both

SSD- OCZ petrol 128 gig HHD, some old 300 gig i had in my first computer only used to store music.


Right thats my components, any cheap (yet long term upgrades) that you can suggest would be awesome.

Thanks for reading!