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    How hard would it be to switch to Disc.

    Im currently a shadow priest, that has not gone out of his way for Disc gear.


    This is my armory, how out of the way would I have to go to begin gearing for disc / how close am I.

    P.S I understand trinkets are pure DPS etc...

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    Drop all that haste and change it into Spirit, both by regemming and reforging and it should be... well, "acceptable", I guess. Still far weaker than actual healing gear, but better than having 4.5k Spirit and 7000+ haste. Should aim toward doubling the former (at least), getting rid of the latter and switching to mastery afterwards.

    With your current gear, that would put you way below your actually equipped ilvl - in useful stats, that is - but probably enough for normal content.

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    Depends on your role really. If you're a 3rd healer in a 10 man or # whatever healer in 25man that doesn't heal every fight, your gear should work great for a hybrid role focusing on Attonement (dps) healing and Spirit Shelling.

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    Gem pure spirit, and reforge haste into spirit then mastery.

    Pick up some valor healing trinkets or heroic ones.

    That should be fine for normal modes.

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    I wouldn't go as extreme as gemming pure spirit, generally socket bonuses are pretty decent, however, you will need about 8k spirit to not feel the pain, especially if you dont raid with a resto shaman.

    If you want to keep your gear for both shadow and healing, I'm afraid one of them wont be optimal. Disc favors mastery/spirit, while shadow doesnt like mastery that much and needs quite low spirit to get hitcapped. Atonement speccs make good use of crit/haste, but generally mastery will win for disc, due to the high % of our healing constituted by spirit shell/aegis.

    You could get more spirit changing your meta/chest enchat - and ofc reforges/regemming. Another choice I'm not sure you did right is the glyph of PWS - it doesnt add a heal anymore, it just takes it from the shield. I prefer the PoM glyph personally.

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