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    Needs a "meh" option, or just more options in general. =/

    Too difficult to just say either good or bad, some of it were good, some of it not so much. Some things turned out to be a disappointment, some turned out to be exactly as I had hoped it would. In overall I suppose I would have to say, pretty much as expected. Which is good? Or is that bad... I will never know.

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    Not the best but not the worst year for me, still a better then the last few have been though.

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    Depends... I'll get back to it tomorrow

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    The worse for me in the last few. But nothing terrible, the putsch in my country, well in all Europe, didn't really help it.

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    Garbage. And awesome in a way since I got rid of the garbage.

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    It was okay given the circumstances.
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    It's been a pretty good year for myself. Quite an improvement over the past few years.

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    Dear lord 2012 is already over.... It surprises me each year. The time goes so fast...
    Anyway on topic it was kind of a good year. I graduated college so thats decent... On the other hand all my friends from school are now spread out and ill probably talk to them every 10 years at some reunion crap.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Meari View Post
    It's been great! One of the best years in a long time for me :3
    Ohhh do tell i'm very curious

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    Bad all year round sadly...

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    While it's had some shit moments like getting fired for the first time ever & largely spending 2012 unemployed, I'd say it's not been too bad, I've had a ton of fun, enjoyed checking the Olympics off the bucket list, have lost a grand total of 20kg since January & feel healthier than I ever have, enjoyed some pretty awesome music & have relaxed a lot more than normal. Overall I'd say the positives of 2012 outweigh the negatives.
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    Graduated high-school, entered a pretty good university, did fairly well on the exams, living 3000 kilometers from home all by myself and my girlfriend left me. That's about it. An awesome first half and a fairly bad second half.

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    500$ shorter than start of year

    got experience working at a law firm

    Switched high schools and at end of year will have some collage credits (ap all the way)

    Took a major hit in math 87% ---- 57%. Ouch, but test scores are up, 2 terms to go and I should recover to about 80%

    Started stock portfolio with 25$, got up to 35$ in 2 months, 40% increase, alas with 25$ 40% increase isn't much

    Mother no longer at risk for heart attack, my aunt is recovering from cancer but with issues. My grandparents are both in better health as is my uncle

    Living off of a calculated 7$ a day for food, home cooking is healthy and cheap.

    Have an assembled list of 120 newspapers from various countries, its been a while since somebody has been able to prove me wrong in an international matter, and the variety of views and journalistic styles moved me from 70%--- 83% in english, teacher feels that I could be getting more

    1 more year with Steven Harper as PM. Have taken to watching CPAC HOC broadcasts praying that one day I will see a Conservative with backbone

    Overall a decent year

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    I'm still fairly young and most importantly healthy so no matter how crappy things get in my life it's completely irrelevant to people with real problems so I just try to be positive. I see terrible stories on the news about death and think at least I'm alive to complain and not dead. We should all be thankful of that.

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    Great year for me, got my license, took two college classes, halfway through my high school senior year, got my own truck. And started becoming more of an adult in general.
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    It's been good. Went from not having a job to holding 2 and having direction in school again. Also finally ditched some leeches in my life, although there a few to remove still. Overall, far better then 2011, and 2013 will probably be better still.

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    It was ok, not the best but ok. Still not satisfied personally but I need to get off my ass. Still be nice if I caught a few breaks.

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    Though this year will likely come back and bite me, it's actually been alright, save a few occasions.
    Quote Originally Posted by dupti View Post

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    not one of my best.

    lost my job, apartment, mind for a bit.

    maybe i get a bf over christmas? plus i did do decent enough on my course work.

    things will turn around

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    I'm gonna go with "meh".

    Had a bunch of ups and a bunch of downs. Can't say it was a generally good year or a generally bad year.
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