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    Question MMORPG GAMES or CONSOLE GAMES? this Christmas Vacation

    Based on the title which one do you prefer to play this Christmas vacation?

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    probably going to play xcom, got hooked on it (single player mode)

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    Neither? PC games excluding MMORPGs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mahatmasahi View Post
    Based on the title which one do you prefer to play this Christmas vacation?
    Well MMOs require quite a time investment. Doubt I want to spend the Christmas hols playing an MMO. I mean there are parties to attend to, people to greet and fun to have. Why would you want to play an MMO?

    I don't have a console, but I will probably play any of the pick up games. I am actually waiting for the Steam sale hoping to see what good deals I can find. Hoping Skyrim and its two DLCs are on sale. Would make my Christmas.

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    I want to stay far from MMO-RPG's now, i'm tired of them, didn't even care about the wintersday on gw2 (have to admit it looks amazing and fun, but there are other tempting games too :P!), rift hasn't hooked me up (yet), maybe TSW, i'll think in buying it if it goes on a big discount, meanwhile, only fps/rpg and now with my new VGA i'll enjoy playing PS2

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    Quote Originally Posted by mahatmasahi View Post
    Based on the title which one do you prefer to play this Christmas vacation?
    console games/single player pc games. mostly because i can game the way I chose to play.

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    Most likely nothing until after new years. If there would be something it would have been on pc, no console at my parents house =) But I didnt grab a good offline for my laptop yet so most likely if there is any game I will watch my father play chess online hehe
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    Neither. PC games for me, probably Far Cry 3 and Starcraft 2.

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    Christmas if you are a student who has no job is the time for never sleeping and playing the mess out of your MMO of choice. I wish I could go back to those days.

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    PC games, unlikely to log onto any MMOs over christmas though (simply because I'm not actively playing any right now). I've got steam big picture set up on my TV, I can still sit on my sofa and look at my big TV with a controller and play games with my friends without needing a console now

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    Console games times hundred. I only play WoW as an MMO, I just don't find other MMOs to be enjoyable, they don't feel staple, it's like they'll break down at any moment, which many of them also have.

    Console games because, well, I'm a Nintendo geek, go figure.

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    SC2 and planetside 2 sniping. Probably some rated 3v3 in WoW if anyone i know asks on skype

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    for MMO, i am planning on playing Maestia this christmas. i've finished xcom already, 2 weeks after its release so im not going back there anymore. i might also play the enhanced edition of baldur's gate. been waiting for that game since the day i heard the news. hopefully an androiod version will be released.

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    I don't know what christmas vacation has to do with anything, but I prefer playing whatever I find fun at the moment, regardless of genre.

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    I recently bought GW2 and i'm hooked on it so well i'd say MMORPG
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