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    It's a lame mechanic, to put it plainly. Healers should heal, not drop shit on the ground and tell other people to heal themselves. I stopped playing holy on my priest way back when they first added lightwell, and have not raided with that spec since.

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    I absolutely love the spheres. Most of the fights with heavy aoe dmg, like the Crush on Garalon HC, i just swoop and grab 3-4 clustered orbs, considering no one else goes for them, and get topped immediatly. It's amazing really.

    Shame most people just ignore them, and healthstones for that matter.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Exileos View Post
    And if someone still has trouble figuring out what those shiny things on the ground are, let them do Sha of Fear.
    Except the orbs on sha of fear dont heal the players ;DD

    Oh and the mechanic is dumb as hell, a lot of bosses (on heroic atleast) have pretty tight enrage timers so why the fuck should we run arround to get healed?

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    Quote Originally Posted by GhostSkull View Post
    The problem with the spheres is that they look like water rather than healing potions. They should be heal-pot red.
    I think there is too much negative connotation with the color red for that to be effective.

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    Am I the only one that thinks healing orbs suck for an entirely different reason?

    Its not that I'm too lazy to use them. I use Lightwell and Healthstones as if they were my own class abilities, to the point that when I'm in a raid without a lock I feel nerfed.

    The fucking healing orbs are too discreet. Between keeping up my rotation, and watching timers on crucial boss abilities, I don't have the time to hunt around for healing orbs because they are buried in a MEGA ASSTON OF EFFECTS. How am I supposed to catch an orb that has the swiftmend circle, a holy-priest's sanctuary, and a frost trap making it hard to pick out of the giant lit up circle? It might be a different story in the ranged group, where there are less effects to obscure them, but in the melee group it is a hellacious task to have to find these buggers.

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    as a mele DPS I can't even see them between all other people and mostly visual effects. 50% of the time I barely even see my own char during an encounter not to mention tiny small orbs on the ground >.<'
    As a brewmaster I have my own spheres that I sometimes use (but hell they tend to be clunky) but only if I don't screw positioning..

    Not to mention that I've had a lot of orbs being wasted - at lest the BrM ones - I was like 5% below my max HP, walked through a bunch of orbs which used all of them at once.. Wasted overhealing :/
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    ^------True story!!

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    The idea of the mastery is interesting, but I feel it's weak game-play and not strong compared to what other classes have currently. Why? A dps isn't going to stop dpsing to stand in one and tanks wont move the boss to an orb for a heal. I'm sure the mastery is stronger when players are grouped, but who is going to move to one? The only answer is: automatic. Maybe make it more fun with having some bounce all over an area (5-10 yard range), some detonating in place, triggering feature that lets you set off (max of 5-10), etc.

    If that's too much, have them spawn at the target's location with health lost or lowest health (like normal), exploding after 1-2 seconds and adding a 4-6 second hot onto the target. I like this the best out of the options. The floor isn't covered with bluish green Grinch balls, and they're being used.

    If the hot is overboard, let them explode and give you something in return or a chance at something:

    - Free chi? Not really liking that idea. I like the idea of building chi.
    - Mana Tea? I like this idea.
    - Casting a free application of ReM on the target? I like this also. Could last for 3 or so seconds, then move to a different target.

    What I'd like to see.

    Let the ball explode at the target's location after 1-2 seconds, having a percent chance of giving us something. Free chi, tea, application of ReM on a new target, etc. That might be too random, but I still like the idea.

    Or it comes down to this.

    Scale the orbs to the size of the Brewmaster ones, so they don't cover the area and go with the above suggestion, while still being able to lay bigger healing spheres people can run through (stacks to 3-5).
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    Quote Originally Posted by Junir View Post
    Blizzard needs to make healing sphere awareness day or a daily that makes players walk over healing spheres (imo).
    No, this wont change things a bit and i will tell you why.
    Staying within the enrage timer mostly is harder than holding the raid alive up to this point. So where most raids need maximizing is DMG.

    Sure sometimes it is really impossible to keep the raid alive until enrage, but thats mostly because of individual errors that make people eat more dmg than neccesary.

    So me, the damage dealer, tries to maximize his dmg. First step for maximizing dmg, at least for a caster, is to minimize movement.
    You can see where this leads. So for me as a caster DPS this means, DONT MOVE, DONT GET THOSE green shiny slimy balls, but stay at your place and cast the heck out of your target. Use those green balls just when there is no alternative (Healthstone on CD, Pot on CD, defensive CD´s on CD and damage inc.

    Is this just slightly bad, bad or really bad?
    I am not really sure, but doing it this way has one point at least which aint that bad.

    Since our raid is quite casterheavy, which all do it like me, we tend to have lots of green spheres around.
    Those can be used like a major defensive cooldown for one player.

    E.G. MGV 4th boss. I had the AOE on me so i had to stay outside when hugging for the arcane velocity thing.
    I just walked around and picked up the 12 orbs that have been lying around and so i could manage to live through this without a healers interference (well i told em not to since i wanted to try this out).

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    I only use healing speheres in pvp when i'm being torn to pieces by multiple people...really fun to have a great heal with no cast time :S

    But yeh my mastery spams them everywhere i go and no one ever picks them up...i think it's because if they are low on health it's prob because they took too much damage in too short a time otherwise i would have healed them with my main spells so they will prob be dead before they reach a spehere and when they are only slightly low on health they don't see the point of wasting time running away and back when they can just keep dpsing

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    I thought the temp change on the test server where they burst for a smaller AoE heal when expiring was brilliant, was sad to see them pull that. Considering the nerfs MW got this would help put a little more HPS back their way.

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    It's hit and miss depending on your group. My guild isn't the best at using them but they do pretty good. My mastery is typically 3rd or 4th on my overall healing and I've been adding more mastery lately and have had a HPS increase because of the mastery.

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    my response was "casters cant dps if i have to run and find them". its understandable if your trying to beat before berserk time

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