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    It sounds like you guys just really need to go back to basics and read up on how the classes work in MoP. Try having your people talk to guys from the more successful raiding guilds on your server for tips even. I pick the brain of fellow Rogues in other raiding guilds from time to time to compare notes. Most are totally fine with chatting for a bit.

    With your low DPS you really can't expect a kill until you can get 10-11 stacks. Currently you're only getting 8.

    Also: You know that you do 50% more DPS by standing on the energy floor, right? Are all of your ranged doing that?

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    Maybe you could try to focus on boss for the first 15%.
    If you are fast for only 1 protector to spawn, you'll spend less dps on it, and Elegon will take increased damage earlier, your overall dps will increase.
    The transition time is long enough to kill the protector and position everyone.

    Your hunter is 1st but he uses Thrill of the Hunt, if you dps 4 Charge each phase, he must hit Multishot 8 times over the fight, maybe 10 with sparks...
    Ask him to take Fervor, it will up his singletarget dps AND provide him on-demand burst.
    Also, I see him out of the 50% buff for the burn phase.

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    Quote Originally Posted by stellvia View Post
    It sounds like you guys just really need to go back to basics and
    Maybe you could try to focus on boss for the first 15%.
    If you are fast for only 1 protector to spawn, you'll spend less dps on it, and
    IMO, if dying in the first 30 seconds of last phase it doesn't seem like a dps issue in previous phases. It seems like there are too many adds up dpsing the raid, and or healing cds not being rotated properly. Even without raid CDs the first 15+ seconds shouldn't be an issue unless there are too many adds up. See my previous post on how to fix that.

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    a quick look at the attempt u linked.

    Shammy died to having WAY to many overcharged stacks by the looks, arcing energy a 95k hit or so, hit him for 171k... Reset at 8-10 stacks...
    Also your raid dps is way too low, on my groups first kill we barely survived and pulled over 200kdps more. everyone should be looking at around 80k at end, anyone below is getting boosted/carried. Tanks are doing ok... could push it a bit more too though, have played dk,monk and pally on Elegon and with perfect cooldown management 75-100k dps from a tank is quite easy.

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    Just a quick look at your ret pallys dps and found that his uptime on Inquisition is only 77% when it should be 95%+ this is easily fixed by downloading an addon to keep track of it if he does that his dps will increase by 10k or more.

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    By the replies it doesn't appear to be one big thing your doing wrong. lots of tiny stuff that's adding up.

    I just took a quick look at your logs, and as someone else said... Potions
    For Progression fights, everyone should be pre-potting then potting again during lust.
    Potions are VERY inexpensive this expansion.
    Malachi appears to be the only one that pre-potted, and potted again during lust

    Also, make sure everyone is Enchanted, Gem'ed, and Reforged correctly (

    I'm sure you'll get it soon, just have to tighten up your game a bit.

    ** Full Disclosure **
    I have not done this fight yet, but will be attempting it tonight.
    We failed to get him last night, but everyone in our group agrees it's very doable just have to tighten up our small mistakes.
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    I would advise your priest to go discipline, it is the stronger healing spec at the moment and can bring some significant dps as well as spirit shell which is frankly awesome. If the priest plays it right they should be able to put out 40k dps and still heal for more than they are currently in holy spec.

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    There's actually not much to the fight. It's very simple, but if you're just starting out, everyone needs to do it all perfectly to even have a remote chance. And of course dps has to be decent enough.

    - Only have 2 protectors pop up before the next phase transition. Make sure everyone clears their stacks after 6 or so and especially clear your stacks when a protector is about to die.
    - Clear 4 wave of orbs (preferably more), but if you want, let the fifth go and dps the boss as much as you can. Clear your stacks after every wave.
    - All the pillars should be down at roughly the same time. That will mean less adds.
    - Everyone run to the console after they're all down. Get a tank to group up the adds by the console. Ranged step onto the platform and dps the adds. The dps increase will melt them.
    - Same deal as Phase 1, just get the boss down to 50% for the next phase transition.
    - Same deal as before. Pillars down at the same time after 4 wave of orbs.
    - Everyone stacks in the middle, pop all your cd's, aoe the adds and pray you can dps the boss down in time.

    At least that's what my group does and it's not that bad at all.
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    As people have said above me: It's a dps problem. I took a quick look through your logs and your shaman has very low dps which can be explained that (according to the log you posted) he only used Ascendance once in the entire fight when you can use it three times. He also did 10 lava burst without flame shock on the target (=No crit for lava burst). None of your shamans used their Stormlash totems in the fight either. If you have two shamans you should be able to use them four times this fight (just make sure they don't overlap).
    I focused on your shaman since my brother plays one and he's the one out of your classes that I am most familiar with (also he was your lowest dps)
    I'm sure the others can improve too but your shaman really needs to step it up. Just using Ascendance 3 times instead of 1, putting down stormlash totems and making sure you got flame shock on the target when you cast lava burst will improve his damage by alot.

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