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    die by mountain

    twice now i was flying and when gliding up a mountain i died and then unable to get to my body so now i have to spirit rez. its BS. anyone else dying by a mountain or know if it will be fixed. blizzard pay my repair bill

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    First of all, you need to structure yourself better. It hurt me to read that. Secondly, this is not the Blizzard run WoW forum. This is a news website run by fans of the game. If you want to bitch at Blizzard, go to their website.

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    We at Blizzard appreciate that you feel this way, but we investigated and the problem is not on our end. Please delete your WTF folder, this should solve your issue.

    Also, we will be unable to compensate you for your repair bill, as we just do not have the resources. It comes down to a choice between paying your repair bill, and putting another boss in the next raid.

    Thank you for your patience and understanding.

    Love, Blizzard.

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    Third, the fact that it happened more than once is your own fault.

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    You mean you flew over a no-fly area and got dismounted and died? It happens, deal with it and don't fly over spots that dismount you.
    If you must insist on using a non-sanctioned sitting apparatus, please consider the tensile strength
    of the materials present in the object in question in comparison to your own mass volumetric density.

    In other words, stop breaking shit with your fat ass.

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