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    Blizzard didnt want my money anymore

    Hey there folks of mmo-champ

    so here is how it is ... ive been talking back and forth now for 2 days with automated responses from blizzard tech support people about the reason why i cant subscribe which only started having issues once my 1 year pass ran out... last month just gave up waiting over 48 hrs for a ticket response and just bought a game card ... which then ran out during one of my arena matchs =/ ( this is why i prefer a sub over a game card ) but any whoo...
    some random weird bug on there billing site under setting up a subscription is causing me to be unable to setup a subscription ... now before most of you ask ... yes i have money on my account ... yes my card is valid etc...etc... ive even bought a cinder kitty cat for the sandy event on the same card
    the first response back i got from blizzard was some short copy and paste not even addressing the issue i have at hand ... so im here sitting reading this being like ... so ... i wanna give you my money but you dont want me to sub for your game anymore ... after 8 years ?
    sadly ive now missed WSG weekend which is my fav bg weekend ... missing darkmoon faire which i was looking forward too and i cannot resubscribe to world of warcraft because it telling me my zip/postal code is wrong ( btw its not ... i think i know my own postal code ... i order take out to it enough thank you )

    ive always heard of people getting the short end of the stick when it comes to support from blizz staff ... but this is the first time in 8 years its happened to me and im a little sad to see it ... ive always had useful gms / or techs address my issue and they have been solved very fast with no issues... im a little sad that i would have to leave wow this way but hey if blizz obviously has enough money and doesnt want mine when im trying to give it to them what can i do?

    so because of all of this i did swing onto steam and pick up the THQ pack which was on offer instead of paying for my wow sub this month ... hopefully there are enough games to keep me occupied for a month of gaming lol ... and if blizzard ever decides to "honour" me with some kind of useful response to my issue id like to come back to wow ... but it seems for the moment that seems rather unlikely ... =/

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    All I can suggest is you contact them via telephone in an attempt to resolve the issue. Explain that you've had numerous correspondence via e-mail and that the issue wasn't resolved, and you would like someone to look in to the issue while you are speaking to them directly.

    Kicking up a fuss and being "that caller" is often the only way to get people to pull their finger out of their collective arseholes and actually do their job. Just don't start off like that on the phone, only resort to that attitude if you aren't getting anywhere via their first point of contact. Speaking as an ex IT Services Helpdesk techie for a company that had 5 staff members and covered all of the UK, often you just need to give them a chance to sort it out there and then.
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    To be honest, I can't even understand that wall of text and have no idea to what your issue is.
    I can hardly blame a GM for not understanding it

    If I understand it correctly, it's saying that your zip/postal code is wrong?
    Do you perhaps have a friend in the neighbourhood with the same code that plays WoW? How is it working for him?
    Do you have this issue with other websites that ask for this information?
    If this problem persists on other websites, it might be your creditcard.
    If a friend has no issues with this, it might be your card.

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    Just contact billing support via phone. It's really easier for back-and-forth communication than writing e-mails, especially when the issue seems to be a bit convoluted.

    Also: Why is it always necessary to open a thread about such issues with a headline that is bound to attract trolls and WoW/Blizzard haters?

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    This may shock you, but when it comes to credit card transactions, blizzard actually has a third party company handle that, so if its saying invalid zip, that's an issue with AVS which is between the bank and the merchant service provider.

    If I didn't make sense it's because the issue not as simple as you seem to think it is.

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    As others have said, call them up. Tickets are reviewed by the lowest folks on the totem pole and escalated upwards. These folks are primarily there to resolve in-game issues or issues that are in-game adjacent. Billing is a separate sub-department and has it's own arcane systems the other folks don't have access to.

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