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    Most difficult/fun class/spec for pve, what should I level?

    I know this question probably has been asked a lot. But im, a little bored (perhaps the wrong word for it) of the classes that im playing right now. Finding that the most of them don't give me a challenge when it comes to theorycrafting, giving me space to play around all that much, and feel a little stagnant at times.

    Currently i've got 4 90s, a mage, rogue, warrior and a hunter, all of them having atleast some lfr gear, full hc gear, and my hunter having downed toes normal and a few msv hcs. And I want another alt I can work up, since neither my warrior/rouge/mage are fun at all in PvE.

    Now I know that all of this is preference, but im just looking for some pointers, or just what people think about classes. Im asking about difficulty cause I like theorycrafting on my own, and trying stuff out, only thing I haven't tried on my current characters is sub rogue, don't know why, perhaps its the most difficult spec to play, but i just haven't gotten around to it. And I don't really like rogue to much i've noticed now that i have one at level 90.

    My current thoughts are to either level a warlock, with affli for progression and demo to play around with / get good at. Not settled on that yet though.
    Or a death knight to play unholy, really liked unholy back in wrath, on of the reasons I quit my dk then was cause unholy tanking wasn't an option anymore.
    Ret and ele shammy seem somewhat fun, but a little face roll, might be wrong about ret though. Monk is strict nono. I was thinking priest a little, but only to level as disc dps and try out what dps i could dish out at 90 as disc dps. And druids, I don't know, never been able to level one, if I somehow managed to level one, i'd prolly play boomy, but i've never had fun leveling one when i've tried, and i've tried loads of times. Boomy might be my calling if I put the strength into leveling one, but I still got nightmares of the bear form quests and what not "from back in the day".

    So any thoughts, pointers, suggestions would be appreciated!
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    If you want a REAL challenge, go do Ironman Challenge:
    - no talents/speciliazation
    - only grey/white items may be equipped
    - no professons, except first aid
    - no groups or dungeons
    - Death Knights not allowed, as they don't start at level 1
    - no buffs from items (incl food, flasks, potins etc)/other players/quests
    - NO DEATHS!!

    To my knowledge, only 3 people managed to get to 85... Haven't heard of any 90s yet..
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    Closing this as it's against the guidelines. The choice of which class to play is ultimately up to you.

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    If you wish to find out more information about specific classes, feel free to browse our Class Forums. You can also try to use the forum's search function if you have a specific question about a class.

    Other examples of pointless threads include, but are not limited to:

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