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    Krasarang pvp, how does it work (towers, guards, etc.).

    Okay it's early in the morning here, so there's 3 horde and 3 alliance up in Krasarang at the moment and horde have been dominating. Their guards have 4.3 mil (!!!!) HP, whereas ours would have 750k ish. We are on an alliance populated server.

    Furthermore, both guards and horde hit like trucks.

    Is the guard hp/damage as well as damage the horde does, based on the entire server population or what, as opposed to current population in Krasarang? When we have a tower we get +1% damage, an ally said horde gets 25%. Is this correct? At this moment we can do literally nothing against them. We gave up.

    Thanks for informing me.

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    Apparently it is adjusted to favor the minority population. Our Alliance for example get's 25% bonus dmg and health from the towers, we get 1% for each. Same with the guards. If your side is outnumbering them so much don't even bother summoning the guards, they just end up giving them 60+ dark prince rep per kill and do you no good.

    Hell unless you want to be mean you can completly ignore the towers aswell, they don't benefit you.

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