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    Dual Wield Quick Question

    I have been 2h frost from the getgo so I am kinda struggling at the rotation for DW frost.
    My intial rotation is as follows

    HB->PS->HB->HB->HB.."X".....FS spam.
    "X" this is where I get confused because at this point I will have one unholy rune left.

    Should I do PS one more just to spend that unholy rune even though the disease still has plenty of time to run its course ?

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    clc-dk is a good add-on, its been awhile since i've farted around with it, but i just looked and it seems to have been updated to current content, i also believe it has an option for playing masterfrost, that should help you get started, then once you get the hang of it, it becomes second nature. you practically dont even have to look at your runes anymore, runic empowerment throws a little randomness back in, but thats why you only keep 1 unholy rune on cd, that way it'll refresh your frost and blood runes so you can keep crushing HBs. OB is really just to be used for the unholy cd. your initial start should start with outbreak then an oblit, then hb's and fs on km procs or as you build runic power.

    its late so im sory if i didnt word it right or as well as i could have. hopefully, someone comes in sharp in the morning and fills you in a bit better, but its 3am here im going to bed, gl

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    With RE you don't do anything with it until the second UH rune is almost charged at which point you use either DnD, PS or Obli to burn it. Not sure about BT.

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