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    Enhancement mobility

    ...or lack of, but that doesn't matter. I understand that classes need to be unique but still equally as effective at their roles.
    Rogue, the master of gap closing, is getting some sort of ranged capabilities. Not whining here nor am I trying to ignore the fact that classes are different, but it is a matter of being effective at your role. Enhancement shamans outside of their burst pose little threat if at all and have no meaningful survivability or effective escape tools. I am not saying that Enhancement has nothing; I am merely saying that the tools fall short of what is advertised. There are buffs coming our way but they are not of a mechanical nature and therefore have little impact on the playstyle of the spec. Mobility may not be enhancement's niche but something else is needed to compensate and that is some sort of ranged combat capabilities- both damage dealing and mitigation.
    I would suggest to increase Storm Strike range to 30 yard range outside of Ascendance. A second possible improvement is to significantly increase the damage of Unleash Elements when used one targets 20+ yards away. And to tackle survivability, the ranged Storm Strike or the buffed Unleash Elements to grant 5 stacks of Maelstrom Weapon when used on targets +20 yards away. This can easily be done through pvp set bonuses to keep pve untouched.

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    lol whoaaaaa. i dont think we're having mobility issues. those are radical suggestions to a problem that can be summed up as: enhance doesnt have charge. which isnt a big deal. survivability, little bit of an issue, we're about as good in that department as a frost dk has ever been.

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    effective escape tools
    think we have more tools than any other class atm...

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    enh has amazing mobility atm, unsure what spec/class you're playing.

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    If anything, elemental has bad mobility. Enhancement is doing fairly well this season.

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