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    new video games

    i want buy a video game. i have $50 for the new video game. please give the suggestion.

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    Warrio for Game Boy Color

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    I've heard Far Cry 3 is pretty awesome. Or you could get Planet Side 2 and spend $50 on something else, or get PS2 and spend the $50 to upgrade some stuff quickly

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    Dem bots is hot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by shahidsaif View Post
    i want buy a video game. i have $50 for the new video game. please give the suggestion.
    Planetside 2 and its free.
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    Get onto it son!
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    Get far cry 3

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    Steam Sale.

    If you have 50 bucks to work with maybe get a few cheaper games.

    Also Planetside2 and Hawken and SWTOR and Firefall beta and EQ are now Free to play.

    You really can play games these days and not pay monies.

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    Two words:

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    Steam sale for sure. Good Old Games sale too if you're into the oldies.

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    I'd give a better suggestion if you'd give a hint as to what type of game you'd want.

    So I'll just name a game no one else has named yet that I found awesome: Deus Ex Human Revolution.
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