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    Pet battle streams

    nearly 200 wins in pet vs pet battles and currently going for 75 lvl 25 pets.
    main is here http://us.battle.net/wow/en/characte...alley/advanced

    I'd include leveling tips, answer questions and of course will be doing all the pet dailies including the pandarian spirit trainers.

    Problem is, idk if anyone would be interested in watching. When I streamed at the start of mists, I only averaged about 100-ish viewers which seems rather low :X
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    Pet battles aren't really all that exciting for the viewer. As the player it's pretty fun, but unless you have a championship type match going on, it wouldn't bring on a crowd like normal PvP in WoW does.

    Myself, I got the 1000 pet battle wins today and have 40 pets at 25. I haven't done many PvP battles yet, but I've never really enjoyed playing against other people
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