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    Quote Originally Posted by Thallidomaniac View Post
    How do the carry AD tops fare in S3? From what I've heard:

    Tryndamere still has the issues of his nerfs and his outdated kit.
    Fiora fares a bit better but still has her issues of a lack of escape and squishiness.
    Master Yi usually goes jungle or AP mid, so I don't know how he fares top.
    Gangplank didn't change much from his status of "farm out 'til you get 6 items and use your ult to assist-whore".
    They mostly still suck. Fiora in mid lane works pretty well though.

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    To be honest, I would rather take a ranged AD with an escape top than any melee AD carry, since they can farm solo and safely there.

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    Riven is by far my favorite champion at the moment. I have some pretty awesome scores with her. 32/7 my best. Today in ranked I had like 23/5 but we still lost due to the autism in the group.

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    I've started playing almost exclusively Ranged champions top, or ones that have very good escapes.

    My top 3 at the moment are AD LeBlanc / Jayce / Nidalee. I used to play a lot of Fizz top, but never really felt like playing him recently ;o.
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    I have never heard of AD Leblanc. I think I might have to give it a shot. Why are the benefits of AD LB.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MagiForTehLulz View Post
    I have never heard of AD Leblanc. I think I might have to give it a shot. Why are the benefits of AD LB.
    You have a double dash escape/gap closer with your W+R combo, and semi-CC with E, using the E+R to chain someone for twice the duration, or chain two targets. Her attack animation isn't the worst out of all the APs out there. There's still the issue that you can't clear waves easily.
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