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    Mage or Warlock?

    Well I haven't done serious PVP since season 10 and even then I never played a caster (either heals or melee) and I was thinking about making a caster for PVPing. Anyway, to the point, I was wondering what people thought on which class is easier to pick up, most viable, most enjoyable (very much relative to the person) between a warlock and a mage (arenas and/or rbgs). Thanks for the suggestions

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    I'd personally say go with Mage, but that's just me.

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    As a warlock player myself, I'd say mage.

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    they're both in a very good spot right now...however the general consensus (from what i've been reading) is that mages are better.

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    I play a mage myself, so I have to say warlock, simply because I think the class as a whole is more interesting. (from an atmosphere point of view)
    Compare relatively boring frost or fire spells (don't get me started on pinky arcane), to demonic spells, some of them summong demons to do your bidding..
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    Well, I'm leaning toward finishing off my mage at this point, anyone else have any suggestions?

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    from the dawn of time 'til the end of humanity, Mages have been and will be always 100% PvP viable in every situation; 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, 5v5, 10v10, 15v15, 40v40, capture the flag, RBG, everything. Warlocks have been consistently strong (differing from season to season) and definitely have more flavour than Mages, but in terms of viability Mages are a safe bet every season.

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    warlocks tend to be much easier... just remember every time some1 comes near u to bloodfear then lolz.

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    Both mages and warlocks do very good in rbgs and are very sought after. You won't regret picking any of these classes.
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    Lock, mage is boring

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    Quote Originally Posted by Niberion View Post
    As a warlock player myself, I'd say mage.

    Same here

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    If all you care about is viability, then there is no question you should go for mage. Warlocks are mediocre right now, mages are still top tier. Warlocks are a lot of fun though.

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    what class should i reroll are not allowed on this forum.
    and tbh its doesn't matter that much. unless your going top arena. but then you would have not needed to ask your self this question.

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    well, my first main was lock during the mid season of bc(s2). My third main in the end of s4, then, was mage.
    I still remember the time, when mages did zero dmg and were only taken to arenas, because they can sheep. That was in s5 for example. And lock as sl/sl in s4 just was a punching bag running in cycles, when he faced melee cleaves, but obliterated any healer and dd caster. ;>

    Later i played that mage in wotlk until the end of s5, lock again in s6-s7, then rolled dk.

    Now, to whats more interesting to play, definately take the lock! frost mage may be viable, but is super boring to play. Its just boring gameplay. I enjoy fire way more, but its not the pvp top spec like frost.(or due to the nerfbat in 5.1 it may be the top right now, but usually is less viable than frost on average) Arcane is super garbage in pvp right now, not even glass cannons. I mean you can stack arcanblast a zillion times and it still does not enough dmg.

    With a lock you have 3 fully viable pvp ARENA specs. You can use affliction, demo and destruction. However, demo got a too big nerf on auras recently....i would only use it in smaller brackets without speal steal/dispel availible seems more exotic right now. Still much better than arcane!

    To summ it, lock has much more interesting gameplay than a mage. Just try it out. I did. Both my mage and lock are 90 now and lock is way more fun in every aspect of the game. Also locks got an overhaul in their design in mop, you can see it best as a demo lock, unlike most other classes.(dk, rogue, mage)

    However, my dk beats the hell out of frost/fire mages and any lock spec. However, any xpierenced feral/warri does the same with my dk. If you want true viabilty its all only about setups in arenas. In rbgs, and i played them a lot recently, it does not matter at all, cause your a cc machine no matter if you play mage or lock, you spam cc on focus cc targets about 100% at any given time. And this is all the reasion why rbg players are searching lock/mages, not cause they have super fantastic special abilities.....or what ever. Better avoid rbg must be boring for casters, i went there with my dk, but can't see to have fun with a caster there.

    Besides arenas are more fun in general anyways.
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    I'm sorry, but "What Class Should I Roll" threads aren't allowed here. You can research the classes yourself to come to a decision.

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