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    Lightbulb Make characters banks like guild banks

    Feedback 2012-12-20

    Now after a lot of expansion, there is much you want to save in the bank. But because the system of how your character's bank work so it quickly becomes full, and there is no room left for anything else you want to save

    - Make all the players' banks like guild banks.
    - Where you have to pay a certain sum to create a new tab and name it a specific name. For example, "Enchanting Mats" or "Useful Things", etc.
    - This will save some bank space.

    I think people would appreciate a private bank that is similar Guild Banks. One way to save useful things.

    Thank you for reading my post. Please write if you think the idea is good or bad. Always good with feedback back.

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    Would be a nice idea, especially if they were account wide like others have suggested before.

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    or give our mounts a bag to carry if we can carry 100 stacks of ore i bet the mounts can to and make the bank account wide
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