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    mouseover shaman shields

    hey need some help on a macro i want it to cast water shield (one my self obv) with nomod earth shield on my mouseover on mod shift if i dont have a mouseover i want it to cast it on my current target and with mod ctrl i want it to cast lightning shield.

    i have this one #shottooltip
    /cast [nomod]Water Shield;[mod:ctrl]Lightning Shield;[mod:shift,@mouseover,exists,noharm][target=target][target=Bisken]Earth Shield the problem is when i dont have a traget or current target i want it to cast it on my self (yes i have default cast on myself if no target) plzz help

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    This should work if Earth Shield is casted on yourself if an enemy is targeted:
    /cast [mod:shift,@mouseover,help][mod:shift] Earth Shield; [mod:ctrl] Lightning Shield; Water Shield
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