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    [A] Adept - Draenor EU - 4/16 HC 2-3d/week 10m team

    4/6 Heroic Mogu’shan Vaults, 6/6 HoF and 4/4 ToES done with only 2 nights progression raiding a week. That’s amongst the top progression/raiding hours on the server.

    Red Squadron raids 2 nights a week, Wednesday and Sunday (20:00 – 00:15 server), with an optional 3rd night for farming leftovers on Tuesdays (21:00 – about 23:30, often earlier).

    We are currently actively recruiting the classes below but we will always consider exceptional applications from any class:

    Brewmaster Monk with DPS OS
    Feral Druid, Rogue or Ret Paladin
    Shadow Priest, Boomkin, or another Mage or Warlock

    Apply to Adept and Red Squadron by filling out the form, and make sure you tick the Raiding- Hardcore box when asked about teams: http://adept-draenor.org/apply/

    About Adept

    Adept is a pretty mature guild with most of our members being over 18 and the average age is probably somewhere around 30. Some of our members have been playing since day one and others only started in Cataclysm. We’ve got a mix of hardcore, casual and totally social players and we like to keep a friendly, welcoming atmosphere in the guild. There’s usually someone around at all hours though it does tend to be quieter during the work/school day. We don’t put up with drama or bullying but we do enjoy some friendly banter and trollolololing in gchat and on Skype or TeamSpeak3.

    We currently run 2 raid teams and an RBG team, with a 2nd RBG team in the works. For our full recruitment information please have a look at http://adept-draenor.org/recruitment/

    On most nights you will generally find people running random battlegrounds or dungeons, often going for achievements. We also encourage people to organise open guild raids of current and old content, and we provide food and flasks to help out. Most of the organising is done on our forums so with enough notice people can generally be talked into anything, and there’s also plenty of spur-of-the-moment stuff organised in gchat (like the time we 6-manned Sylvanas at 4am, good times man, good times).

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    bump - Come clear hardmode content on a twice a week schedule.

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    So your raiding is going no where, you got skills and experience but your team is bringing you down. Why not have a fresh start and join a team that will be pushing for hardmodes throughout 2013.

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    So what to do on Boxing Day, maybe bump the thread.

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    And back to the top as want those recruits so we can keep pushing new hardmodes throughout the new year.

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    Want to join a team where slacking gets you kicked, so you know your not carrying dead weight, then apply!

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