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    Challenge Mode Gold's EU - Alliance

    EU Alliance side.

    ilvl 487 Frost DK - Looking for a consistant/commited group to complete all Challenge Mode's on Gold. Know all tactic's for all 9 Challenge's, just havent been able to run them really due to a lack of players interested, though i did do 1 on gold recently fairly quick, I'm happy to join an existing group or make a new one.

    Got plenty of time to commit to all the Challenge Modes
    Ofc am ready with pots/flasks/food etc

    Time: Anyday/time is fine... 4 day's i normally raid, but not for the next two week's due to xmas i wont be so, can commit a ton of time to purely doing CM's.

    & Yes i know, theres a raid/thread as such for finding/making group, but not many people seem to know it's there.. or no one wants to do cm's, either so thought best to make a thread of my own.

    Contact Info: --REMOVED--
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    Don't post this in multiple places, please. Keep it in the one thread

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