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    [Arcane] Haste heavy build and lvl 90 talent

    Hello all, I have been playing Frost all expansion (tried Fire the week 5.1 came out just in time for the nerf :P), and now I am thinking of going on dual specs: Frost and Arcane haste heavy and see about switching depending on fight. My question is, for an Arcane haste heavy build is RoP still the go-to lvl 90 talent or is Invocation a valid alternative? Especially considering haste shortens the cast of Evocation.

    I have been using Invocation since day 1 and I have a very good hang of it as Frost and keep it up very well, so there is no learning curve there other than inserting it into the Arcane priority. There are two things that worry me:
    1) There is no only 50% passive mana regen with Invocation
    2) The Arcane Charges stacks are maybe a little harder to maintain since we have regular 4~5s periods were we cannot refresh them.

    EDIT: I could have sworn Invocation provided no passive mana regen but now it is 50%, was that changed after launch?
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    RoP is far, far better for Arcane than Invocation. The 'viable' alternative is IW. This doesn't mean Invo isn't usable, it's just not optimal.

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    RoP. IW on Gar and Tsulong is probably ok.
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