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    Tailoring buff/nerf ??

    So I read this on the front page:

    What's the thinking for tailoring putting new, larger bag recipe behind 2 rep grinds? Was 12 daily crafts per bag not enough?

    Making Imperial Silk takes a commitment of logging in for 2 min a day. Not much gameplay there.

    What does he mean?
    Are we getting a new larger bag to craft in 5.2? Are the mats for the current bag getting increased?
    Something entirely different?

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    You have to grind Golden Lotus rep to unlock August Celestial rep which sells the bag pattern. The bag takes 12 cloth, 1 per day if you aren't burning 3 Spirit of Harmony.
    Nothing is changing, hes just calling this person out for complaining.

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    Oh I see. Thanks alot!

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    I rarely let myself get bothered by pretty much anything Blizz does, but I was a little miffed by that blue comment. I feel like he didn't really answer the question/complaint, or at least the part I personally care about. It does seem ridiculous that the only new bag tailors can make this expansion is locked behind 2 different factions. I have two tailors and after doing all the dailies to unlock the bag recipe I'm really not inclined to do it again on my other tailor, even with the rep increase.

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    It's quite sad that this expansion main "regular" cloth is so useless (therefore priced for almost nothing on AH) - you can make regular green quality bags with any cloth starting from netherweave (16, 18, 20 and 22 slotters), now we got only epic quality bag that's locked behind giant reputation grind and 12day cooldown BOP mats.

    Why even keep it on August Celestials? Because it's hardest to access? This makes no sense, The Tillers would actually make some - they work on Silken Fields collecting necessary silk.
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