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    new arcane mage, need help/tips.

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    New to arcane or not, there are a lot of resources here on the MMO-champion forums to pave your way into entry Arcane. (I cannot post links)

    While a full haste build can give solid results you're going to find mastery will parse higher as your ilvl gets higher. Since you didn't provide an armory link or even what race you are one can only guess at this point. Quick and dirty? Hit cap, haste to bag the extra NT tick then full mastery. Use mage armor. If going full haste then go full haste with frost armor. With all the resources already here though you should begin with that stuff.

    The MoP Arcane Mage guide sticky is a decent start.

    As you get more familiar with playing you will notice your dps might not come close your sim threshholds because of mana management. You can learn about scorch weaving here too (MoP Arcane Mage Extensive Updated Weaving Guide)

    For a youtube starter tutorial you can search for WoW MoP 5.1 Arcane Mage PvE Guide

    -Sk, GM of Sunset on US-Dragonmaw

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