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    Wich talents for terrace of endless spring

    Hi. I'm going to do terrace of the endless spring this evening, I would like wich talent works better for each boss, between invocation and rune of power. I was going to use rop on lei shi, and sha, no clue about the first 2.

    edit: You are right, sorry. I'm using frost.

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    Depends heavily on your spec too.

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    Invocation for all fights.

    Rune is particularly bad on Lei Shi and Sha--Lei Shi's "get away" requires the raid to do 4% dmg while being pushed around so you'll have trouble staying on your rune and Sha you will regularly moving out to kill small adds.

    Protectors may be your best bet for Rune. Tsulong Rune might be okay but the Fear circles will probably require you to cast for periods of time w/o a rune.

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    Protectors: RoP is fine, Invocation probably best depending on order you kill them in.

    Tsulong: Personally I'd say take Incanter's Ward for this; fairly consistent damage in Night phase from stacks (can drop them after you've used it to get damage bonus) and gives you enough damage in Day phase to be fine. Invocation can be frustrating but can see it working fine, RoP is fine.

    Lei Shi: Would say Invocation -> RoP here, but depends largely on RNG as if you get loads of Hiding and no Get Away it'll be better than RoP, but loads of Get Away can be annoying for both.

    Sha: RoP is my personal favourite here.

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    Rune of Power on all of them

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    Thanks for all the answers.
    I think I'm going to use invocatio - rop - invocation - rop. Subject to change of course.

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    As Arcane only Rune of Power is viable, am i right?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Algoma0 View Post
    As Arcane only Rune of Power is viable, am i right?
    Well IW is viable when there is raid damage going on..

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    Both IW and Invocation is viable as arcane

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    How can you use you RoP for Sha? I play Arcane for the first 3 fights and switch to frost for Sha because of the heavy movement (and I use Invocation).
    As a DPS you should be constently moving during all phases, you have to move in and out of the cone every breath to kill the adds to the side and you have to move to take the bubbles when killing side panda ''bosses''. With Invocation you can time it while you're inside the cone for most breaths and I usually make sure to cast it during the death lotus on the side platforms to make sure the buff is still up when going back to the main platform.

    As Arcane I had no trouble using RoP for the first 3 bosses (scorching while moving inside my RoP during the Get Away and try to cast 1 blast or missiles to keep up arcane charges)

    Edit: Just saw the post over me, NO, Invocation is NOT viable for Arcane, it is a big DPS loss.

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